Welcome to the blog section of Vikja the board game. In this series of blogs I will introduce the game's settings, mechanics and set of rules as well as a short introduction. The blogs can partly be seen as a short development blog in a strict format. Details of specific rules and numbers are still being developed as the interaction between the different cards can be very diverse. However there is a lot to tell and each blog will show you a certain aspect of the game.

The first set is about locations and their attributes, these are the immobile assets in the game. The second set are the characters, ships, horses and carts the things that are mobile. The third set are objects, titles and items, these can enhance characters or other mobile objects. The fourth set are the character actions like maneuvers and tactics. The fifth set deals with the environment, like weather, seasons and maps. The sixth set contains happenings in the world as a consequence by human action like events and quests. Let's start with the short introduction of the game.


Vikja land cards overview
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Vikja introduction intro

Vikja is a hybrid board game with opportunities for classic role playing. The game is set in the world of the Vikings dating back to ca. 793 – 1066. In this world a number of quests or scenarios can be played ranging from short games to long campaigns. A quest or scenario can either be a narrative quest, a conquest, a colonization, a historic event, or a combination of things. For example the invasion of Anglia, the colonization of Iceland, the discovery of America, the kidnapping of a princess, the conquest of Ireland and more.

Vikja ships intro

The Vikja map has large areas of seas and oceans for characters to travel accros. Ships are therefore the most important transportation vessel in Vikja. Many explorations, invasions, adventures, quests and achievements require the use of ships to get characters accros. In the game ships have many different sizes, there are however three main categories i.e. drakkars, skute and karvi. The drakkars are longships which are often used in times of war and conflict. The faerar are small transportation ships mainly used for passengers and small cargo. The karvi are merchant ships which can carry a large amount of cargo.

Vikja map intro

The Vikja map is basically a relief map with routes. It shows land- and sea routes. The land routes are black dotted lines and connect the locations (big black dots) by trails and roads. The sea routes are white dotted lines and have 2 types, coastal routes and sea routes. The coastal routes are dotted lines around land masses and connect to land locations. The sea routes connect the different coastal routes with each other. All locations are thus connected by land- and / or sea routes. Next to the routes there are also border lines (red lines), these closed areas and represent a province within a region.

Vikja item intro

In Vikja items are commonplace and can be used for all kinds of stuff. There are items for combat like weapons and armor, items for trade like crops, wood or iron and items which are useful in particular situations for example torches and potions. There are two kinds of items, basic and special items. The basic items are common and can be found, bought and traded almost anywhere in the Vikja world. The special items are more rare and are much harder to find or get. In most cases special items can be acquired in quests, scenarios or stories. They usually have some specific power or are of exceptional quality, this means that special items have better statistics or some other feature.

Vikja horse intro

In Vikja horses and carts are a means of transport over land routes from one location to the next. The horses are favourable for transporting light packed characters to venture to other places more quickly. The carts can have different sizes of cargo ranging from 5 to 20 and can be pulled by 1, 2 or 4 horses or oxen. Horses and carts can be bought in almost any settlement except hamlets. Professions like traders are usually more interested in the bigger carts to trade goods overland. Other professions like the miner, woodcutter and farmer use carts to transport their goods to the nearest local market. All in all horses and carts are a useful addition for traveling in the Vikja world.

Vikja shipmaneuvers intro

Ships can do maneuvers as well and are carried out by the ship's navigator. Most shipmaneuvers are used during sea battles in which the positioning of the ship in relation to others is key to win. The shipmaneuver can be seen as defensive or aggressive e.g. fleeing, ramming or entering another ship. The ship's navigator is responsible for the success of a maneuver, his or her skills are used to determine the outcome. There are a number of shipmaneuvers and all have a certain difficulty level.  There is more about shipmaneuvers below.