Vikja - Board game characters


Vikja characters intro

Vikja the board game is driven by characters and their actions. These characters travel the known world and determine the outcome of quests, stories and scenarios. All games have a number of player characters, often referred to as the heroes and heroines. There are also non-player characters which consist of villains, animals, allies, informants and henchmen. Short scenarios often have a villain and some henchmen to be disposed of, while longer scenarios can have kings and armies with lands to be conquered.


Characters are considered the building blocks of this game which are quite adaptable. There are seven important aspects for each character which are attributes, professions, skills, titles, tactics, maneuvers and items. Titles can be earned or given to expand influence and strengthen control. Most titles give more status and power in exchange for responsibility. Tactics are useful for leaders as they can influence the outcome of a battle. Tactic cards provide options in battles. Maneuvers have a lot of influence in combat. The maneuver cards manipulate attack and defense results. Items expand the possibilities of characters and can help in specific situations.

Vikja warband intro

Warbands are basically multiple character cards with the same characteristics. They consist of 5, 10 or 20 warriors. These troops protect your lands, people and settlements. You can muster and deploy them at a friendly location. Warbands are useful in bigger and more dangerous quests in which much opposition is expected. However these warriors need to be paid, fed, supplied and equipped which can be a burden on your resources and silver. An upkeep of too many warbands can lead to debt, disbanding, mutiny, loss of assets or titles. So be sure to have a plan to keep them together and use them swift and wisely.

Vikja maneuver intro

Maneuvers are a special means for characters to influence combat actions. There are four main types of maneuvers which are melee, block, ranged and general. All four types have variants with a difficulty level. Maneuvers require an amount of endurance and / or concentration to be spent to carry them out, these are subtracted from the character attributes. If you do not have enough points you cannot do that particular maneuver. During combat 1 point will be recovered every 2 combat rounds. The endurance and concentration attributes will go back to their maximum value after a battle.


All the different maneuvers play a major role in combat and their timing is essential to survive an encounter. Let's explain the maneuvers in more detail below.

Vikja tactics intro

Tactics are a special means for large groups of warriors to influence battles. Tactic cards have a difficulty level, a duration and a set of advantages and disadvantages. Also a lot of tactic cards have preconditions to make them work. These conditions consist of certain types of weapons to be used and a minimum amount of troops. Tactics play a major role in combat, timing is key to win or lose a battle. More information about tactics will be explained below.

Vikja titles intro

Titles are special cards for characters that have gained power among the Viking ranks. A number of these titles are inherited others are earned. All titles are related to status. Ranks can be divided into 3 groups which are thralls (serfs or slaves) with a status of 1-3, karls (farmers or free men) with a status of 4-6 and huskarls (warriors) with a status of 5-7. Your characters can earn a title after completing certain quests, achievements or participating in conquests. A new rank means more status and titles and often more maneuver or tactic cards for combat. Let's take a look at the basic attributes and some examples below.