Titles are special cards for characters that have gained power among the Viking ranks. A number of these titles are inherited others are earned. All titles are related to status. Ranks can be divided into 3 groups which are thralls (serfs or slaves) with a status of 1-3, karls (farmers or free men) with a status of 4-6 and huskarls (warriors) with a status of 5-7. Your characters can earn a title after completing certain quests, achievements or participating in conquests. A new rank means more status and titles and often more maneuver or tactic cards for combat. Let's take a look at the basic attributes and some examples below.



The basic attributes for titles are laid out on the card with name and type (see top of the card), status, number of guards (see left bottom of the card respectively from left to right) and things like the number of thralls, karls or huskarls, the number and type of ships, the maximum number of turns for absence or the minimum number of patrols (see right bottom of the card).

Titles can be very diverse. There are positions such as captain of the guard or lieutenant of the tower. Other titles are related directly to nobility for example chieftains, jarls, kings and nobles of a different rank. Some titles are high status functions in society given by the people or rulers of the land, for example a character can be a member of the Thing (governing assembly), an expedition leader or harbor master.


Titles - Examples

Images of examples can be seen below. On the left the title is a captain of the fort it has an increase of 2 in status and 2 in the guard value. The captain controls warbands of 40 huskarls in total. His duties are to carry out patrols accros the land and he can never stay away from the fort for too long. In other words he has to return to the fort with his forces after a patrol or venture of 8 turns. The second title is a chieftain. He has a status increase of 4 points and controls 20 huskarls and 10 thralls directly. He will lose his title if one of the friendly settlements he controls is sacked by raiders or other enemies. The third title is that of town harbour master, this gets an increase of 2 points in status. The harbour master controls a small force of 10 karls and 1 small drakkar. His duties are to secure the harbour of intruders and smugglers, if he is not present while this happens he may lose his title to another.


Vikja title harbormaster Vikja title quartermaster Vikja title althing