Warbands are basically multiple character cards with the same characteristics. They consist of 5, 10 or 20 warriors. These troops protect your lands, people and settlements. You can muster and deploy them at a friendly location. Warbands are useful in bigger and more dangerous quests in which much opposition is expected. However these warriors need to be paid, fed, supplied and equipped which can be a burden on your resources and silver. An upkeep of too many warbands can lead to debt, disbanding, mutiny, loss of assets or titles. So be sure to have a plan to keep them together and use them swift and wisely.



The basic attributes for each warband are name and type (see top of the card), status, attack, defense, concentration, endurance (see left column of the card respectively from left to right), life and wounds (see top left of the card from left to right). An extra attribute is added which represents the number of troops (see top right of the card), which determines how many troops can attack and defend in combat.



Currently there are 4 different warband types namely huskarls, karls, thralls and horsemen. The huskarl is a professional warrior and have more expensive equipment, good skills and generally higher attributes. Usually a huskarl is equipped with a sword, seax, helmet, chainmail and shield making the warrior a formidable foe on the battlefield.


The karl is more of a seasonal warrior taking part in the leidangr or fyrd with good equipment and training. They carry a spear, bow, seax, helmet and shield which is adequate to withstand any combat situation.

The thrall is a serf warrior. They have lower attributes then a karl or huskarl and their fighting equipment consists of spear, seax and shield. Thralls can be used to defend your lands and settlements but are less effective in combat.


Currently there are no skill sets added to a warband, it is possible they will be added in the future. There are specific combat rules regarding warbands and these will be explained further in the manual.


Vikja warbands card huskarls Vikja warbands card horsemen