Vikja - Board game events


Vikja season intro

Seasons are reoccurring every year on the northern and southern half of the planet. A season varies in length depending on the latitude position. The closer the position to the north pole the longer the winters and the shorter the summers. The overall duration of spring, summer, autumn and winter can vary somewhat from year to year.

The length of a season can have a great impact on events and actions in the game. Spring, summer and autumn have different beneficial effects on flora and fauna. The winter has negative effects on crops, livestock, game, consumption, exploration, colonization, build and travel.

Vikja weather intro

The weather can be unpredictable in Europe and during the Viking era it was probably the same. The weather conditions are for one part dealt with in the four seasons and for the other part by a die roll. A number of different weather conditions are represented on the D12 die. You have 2x sunshine, 2x clouded, 2x light rainfall, 2x normal rainfall, 2x heavy rainfall, 1x thunderstorm and 1x fog. Many other real weather conditions such as hail have been left out or merged with others as the variation would be too great to manage in game. The result is that the weather die is pretty evenly balanced with good and bad weather effects.

Vikja event intro

You have a lot of different types of events in the game. For example animal encounters, geological events, meteorological events, diseases, human encounters, a stroke of luck, delays, accidents and others. Events influence a turn in different ways, they can give extra bonuses to trade or give a twist to your story with an encounter. Some events have special conditions as well and have to be dealt with immediately by force or other means.

A number of events have special options in which you can choose what to do. The decision takes you to a particular situation which can benefit you or not at all. Some events can be followed up by a quest, this means that the event triggers a quest after it has been resolved. This gives a nice opportunity for you to pick up a quest which you otherwise could not have. Some of these quests can be group quests or contests, such quests can be picked up by anyone.

Vikja quest intro

Quests are adventures you can choose to pursue in the Vikja world. There are 3 types of quests, main quest, normal quest and side quest. These can be short or long and are a means to improve your character to get more skills, items, power, clues or other stuff. There is a great many variety in quests. A number of quests are special like group quests, contests or a follow up of a particular event. Some quest examples are exploration, hunting, burials, raids, tracking, arson, sabotage, ransom, conquest, kidnapping, trade, stealing, murder, contests or investigations. In some cases you need to fulfill preconditions to start or finish a quest. All quests give rewards or bonuses when successful and a loss of something when unsuccessful.


The most common rewards are power tokens, skill tokens, silver, clue tokens or items. The more difficult quests can have more elaborate rewards like an increase in renown, a maneuver card, a tactic card or a warband. These bigger quests usually require more investments in silver, food, ships and need extra troops to accomplish. As a player you decide which quest to pursue, this is an important decision as it will get you closer to the main goal. Do I do this small quest first to increase my strength or do I follow the main quest to defeat the villain with a bit of luck. Whatever you decide try to specialize in the skills you already have this will increase you chances in these areas and you are more likely to succeed.