You have a lot of different types of events in the game. For example animal encounters, geological events, meteorological events, diseases, human encounters, a stroke of luck, delays, accidents and others. Events influence a turn in different ways, they can give extra bonuses to trade or give a twist to your story with an encounter. Some events have special conditions as well and have to be dealt with immediately by force or other means.

A number of events have special options in which you can choose what to do. The decision takes you to a particular situation which can benefit you or not at all. Some events can be followed up by a quest, this means that the event triggers a quest after it has been resolved. This gives a nice opportunity for you to pick up a quest which you otherwise could not have. Some of these quests can be group quests or contests, such quests can be picked up by anyone.


Events - Attributes

The basic attributes for events are name and type (see top of the card). Negative effects are in the left column (see left column of the card respectively from top to bottom), positive effects on the right (see right column of the card).

Text in the bottom of the cards will give extra information such as options, win and lose conditions etc. Here will also be mentioned if a follow up quest is given. The specific quest card can be searched from the quest deck. You can place it on the group quest spot for characters that are up to the challenge.


Events - Examples

A few examples of events have been gathered below. The first on the left is a forest fire which influences the game resource by plus 3 and lumber by minus 8 in a particular location. The second in the middle is a volcanic eruption, traveling surrounding the volcano is affected as well as the game resource. A more devastating effect is that a location or settlement next to it can be damaged depending on a die roll. The third on the right is an encounter with a wild animal, a bear, which has to be defeated by sword or trickery. However some animals need to be hunted instead which will give extra supply in resources or other things.


Vikja forest fire card 01 Vikja volcano card 01 Vikja bear card 01