In Vikja horses and carts are a means of transport over land routes from one location to the next. The horses are favourable for transporting light packed characters to venture to other places more quickly. The carts can have different sizes of cargo ranging from 5 to 20 and can be pulled by 1, 2 or 4 horses or oxen. Horses and carts can be bought in almost any settlement except hamlets. Professions like traders are usually more interested in the bigger carts to trade goods overland. Other professions like the miner, woodcutter and farmer use carts to transport their goods to the nearest local market. All in all horses and carts are a useful addition for traveling in the Vikja world.


Characters - Horses & Carts

A few examples of horses and carts are shown below (see pictures below). Horses usually have 5 basic attributes which are movement, endurance (see left column of the card respectively from top to bottom), life points, wounds (see the middle row of the card) and coin value (see right column of the card). Movement is the speed in which they are allowed to move during combat or other actions, endurance reflects the average travel distance per day. Life and wound points show how much hits the horse can sustain before succumbing to death. The coin is the basic value of a horse.


The cart has 7 basic attributes which are movement, travel distance (or endurance for living creatures) (see left column, respectively from top to bottom), hull and structure (similar to ships) (see middle row),  maximum number of animals, maximum cargohold, and maximum crew (see right column respectively from top to bottom). This example is the largest cart that is available, caravans (multiple carts) are used to transport larger amounts. To increase security of the transport, travellers were often accompanied by hired guards or soldiers.


Vikja horse card 05 Vikja horse card 04 Vikja cart card 01