Vikja is a hybrid board game with opportunities for classic role playing. The game is set in the world of the Vikings dating back to ca. 793 – 1066. In this world a number of quests or scenarios can be played ranging from short games to long campaigns. A quest or scenario can either be a narrative quest, a conquest, a colonization, a historic event, or a combination of things. For example the invasion of Anglia, the colonization of Iceland, the discovery of America, the kidnapping of a princess, the conquest of Ireland and more.


Many of the quests and scenarios can be played on a solo, cooperative or competitive level. For each type of play the majority of the rules stay the same. However there are some adaptations to the mechanics for competitive games so that the game will play smoothly (for example the player turns and the order in which movement is done). The game can be played by 1 to 10 players, although finding a group larger then 7 is often difficult. The duration of a scenario depends on many factors but can range from 30 minutes to 180 minutes. The time to set up a game lies between 5 and 10 minutes, which is also dependable on the type of scenario. Historic scenario's tend to have a longer set up time.


Each player plays one character plus a side character and can gather wealth, titles, assets and an army to reach it's goals. Characters have basic attributes and a unique skillset. During the game they can use various items to increase attributes, skills or activate certain opportunities. The skillset determines the unique flavour of the character. A number of professions are available for example huskarl, archer, farmer, woodcutter, shieldmaiden, tracker, scout, mason, miner, healer and many more. It is important that players choose their hero or heroine carefully as the original skillset cannot be changed easily, however existing skills and attributes can be leveled up through quest rewards.


The game has three difficulty levels adventure, standard and brutal. Adventure level is the easiest, characters do not die here but get captured and released the following turn. The standard game is slightly more difficult as the character needs to pay a ransom to be released. Brutal is the toughest level. If a character dies during combat and goes to Valhalla, that player needs to choose another character from it's group or start a new one from scratch to continue the journey.


The Vikja board game consists of a large Viking map stretching from America to western Finland. On the map a number of regions and locations are shown, between locations land routes are drawn. The example below shows the large empty map without regions and locations. The basic map will very likely be much smaller then shown here. In the current development cycle it consist of New Foundland, the southern part of Greenland, Iceland, the British Isles, Northern France and Scandinavia all the way to the Baltic states and West Finland. The basic map could be expanded in future versions or expansions to even include Svalbard.


The game has many unique elements like weather, tracking, hide & seek, power, renown, infamy and seasons. Many of these elements are dependent on traveling across the map. For travel you can use ships, carts, ponies, horses ski's and even sleds. There are 7 different ships ranging from small ships like skute to large drakkars. Vikja the board game also boasts a lot of different quests and events, in which we try to make the Viking world come alive.

Vikja board game map large