In Vikja items are commonplace and can be used for all kinds of stuff. There are items for combat like weapons and armor, items for trade like crops, wood or iron and items which are useful in particular situations for example torches and potions. There are two kinds of items, basic and special items. The basic items are common and can be found, bought and traded almost anywhere in the Vikja world. The special items are more rare and are much harder to find or get. In most cases special items can be acquired in quests, scenarios or stories. They usually have some specific power or are of exceptional quality, this means that special items have better statistics or some other feature.


Characters - Weapons & Armor

A few examples of weapons and armor are shown below (see pictures below). Weapons usually have 5 or 6 basic attributes which are hit, break, combat modification or load and hands (see left column of the card respectively from top to bottom), distance class and coin value (see right column of the card). The hit value determines how many hits a weapon can generate, 1+4 means one die plus 4, so the hit value will be between 4-9 (0-5 die, not the common 1-6 die). The break value indicates when the item will break during combat, the higher the number the more easily it collapses under the strain. Successful defense rolls are often accompanied by a break roll to see which of the two items breaks. The highest attack or defense number will have to make a break roll as this was the least optimal strike. The combat modification is split into 2 numbers, the left is for attack and the right for defense. These numbers can be positive or negative depending on the weapon or shield. Some weapons like the long spear have a different distance class, which makes it more effective at short range and less at close range more on this subject in future blogs. The hands value simply indicates if the weapon or item is used with one or two hands, bows are a good example of a two-handed weapon.


The distance class is divided into close, short and long range. Close range is for normal weapons, short range for pole arms and long range for bows. The specific rules regarding the distance class will be explained further in the rules. The coin value will be present on almost every item. This value is used for trading, buying and selling an item on the market. A character has to be in a location with a trade icon to sell or buy any item, usually all cities, towns and villages have such an icon, except for hamlets.


Vikja weapon card 01 Vikja weapon card 04 Vikja weapon card 03