Vikja - Lands


Vikja field intro

The first group of lands of Vikja can be traced to different locations on the map which are indicated by dots or other symbols. Some of these locations can be an area, a settlement or fort. Only these three different locations can have lands associated with it. The amount of land depends on the size of the area, the settlement or fort which will be explained in another blog. Settlements in Vikja can be of different size which are divided into hamlets, villages, towns or small cities.

Lands are the corner stone for every settlement in Vikja. The most important ones namely fields and forests are explained in this blog.

Vikja quarry intro

The second group of lands are also associated with an area, settlement or fort. The resources they provide are needed for stone contructions or metal objects. These lands have only one resource, so only one option is possible. More specialized characters like the miner and mason are able to aquire more resources per turn on these lands. New or expanding settlements, forts or towers are in need of these resources. Weaponry in particular is needed when building larger forces.

Vikja cave intro

The third group of lands are about towers and caves which are tied up with a location. These lands do not provide any resources but have effects associated with them. The lands can have multiple icons, generally the larger the structure the more effects it has. Characters can only interact with these effects and face the outcome. It would be wise to prepare as best as you can to overcome them.

Vikja sacred intro

The fourth group of lands are forts and sacred places. Forts are a major land location in which additional lands can reside. A few new effects can be seen apart from ones we have seen already namely patrol, ports and lands. The icons displayed from top to bottom and from left to right are exploration, events, patrol, guard and trade (left side see pictures below), next to that are ports and lands (right side see pictures below). Characters can only interact with the left icons, the icons on the right show information about the number of cards that can be attached. In future cards we see more icons on the right these generally display information and not necessarily effects like the left ones.

Vikja settlement intro

The fifth group of lands are settlements. These can be divided into different sizes i.e. hamlets, villages towns and small cities. The most common sizes accros the map are hamlets and villages. A settlements can have a maximum of eight icons. The group on the left are exploration, events, patrol, guard and trade (left side see pictures below). The group on the right are ports, lands and population (right side see pictures below). Most of these icons have been explained already only population has not been mentioned before. The population icon indicates the size of a settlement, this can grow or decline when the certain conditions are met.

Vikja areas intro

The sixth group of lands are areas. These are the uninhabited locations which can be very diverse, e.g. hills, mountains, swamps and coasts. Areas have lands associated with it. These can consist of fields, forests, caves and other things which have been described in earlier blogs. All areas can have a maximum of four icons. The group on the left are exploration, events and patrols and on the right side there is lands (see pictures below). All these icons have been explained.