The sixth group of lands are areas. These are the uninhabited locations which can be very diverse, e.g. hills, mountains, swamps and coasts. Areas have lands associated with it. These can consist of fields, forests, caves and other things which have been described in earlier blogs. All areas can have a maximum of four icons. The group on the left are exploration, events and patrols and on the right side there is lands (see pictures below). All these icons have been explained.


Lands - Hills & Coast

Many areas such as hills, coasts and mountains can be found in Scandinavia, the British isles and Iceland. These areas can be developed further by colonizing, increasing farmland or enlarging mines. This will be a focus in some of the scenarios where characters are cooperating to achieve a goal. For example the colonization of Iceland in which 10 or more locations need to be settled before a certain year. Other scenarios such as city building concentrate on building a large settlement with a lot of trades route in 10 years, which was ordered by a Viking king. 


Vikja area hills 01 Vikja area hills 02 Vikja area mountain coast 03


Lands - Mountains & Swamp

Areas are distinct from settlements as there is hardly any trade nor population. Some areas however are claimed by settlements and these people send regular patrols through the area to keep others at bay. In some scenarios like conquest and invasions this will be an important aspect as these areas could be used by enemy forces. In times of danger the frequency of patrols by the local population will likely increase to prevent the enemy from gaining a foothold on their lands.


Vikja area mountain 04 Vikja area mountain grassland 05 Vikja area swamp forest 06