The fourth group of lands are forts and sacred places. Forts are a major land location in which additional lands can reside. A few new effects can be seen apart from ones we have seen already namely patrol, ports and lands. The icons displayed from top to bottom and from left to right are exploration, events, patrol, guard and trade (left side see pictures below), next to that are ports and lands (right side see pictures below). Characters can only interact with the left icons, the icons on the right show information about the number of cards that can be attached. In future cards we see more icons on the right these generally display information and not necessarily effects like the left ones.


Lands - Forts

Forts provide the population with a strong protection, they are the strongest Viking structures to control and enforce lands. There can be five effects on a tower card and two information icons about the number of cards that can be attached. The patrol icon (left row, third from the top) represents the chance a patrol will be encountered by a character. If these are enemy patrols the fight can be devastating to say the least. A character can be captured or slain. So it's wise to enter enemy lands with caution especially when forts are present. The port icon shows how many harbours are present at this location and how many port cards can be attached. It means the location can be entered by ships. The land icon is used to show how many land cards can be attached to a fort, these cards can be fields, forests, caves etc.


Vikja fort card 01 Vikja fort card 02 Vikja fort card 03


Lands - Sacred places

Sacred places are not common and important to the Viking population. Most of the time only a few will be present on the map. These locations provide opportunities for characters which require a special task or quest. There are three effects on a sacred card, namely events, guard and trade (see picture below). Only events can be special the other two effects are the same as on other cards see for example towers.


Vikja sacred stones card 01 Vikja sacred stones card 03 Vikja sacred waterfall card 02