The second group of lands are also associated with an area, settlement or fort. The resources they provide are needed for stone contructions or metal objects. These lands have only one resource, so only one option is possible. More specialized characters like the miner and mason are able to aquire more resources per turn on these lands. New or expanding settlements, forts or towers are in need of these resources. Weaponry in particular is needed when building larger forces.


Lands - Mines

Mines provide the people with metal ores and valuable stones which can be used to make all kinds of fine objects. There is only one resource on a mine card and that is ore (see picture below). Ore represents all kinds of metal ores from copper to iron and from silver to gold. The ore can be mined by any character which in turn has to be processed to produce metal. Only a miner has the skills to aquire more ore and occasionally stumble on some precious stones. This gives the miner an advantage to earn some extra coin once in a while.


The number next to the icon indicates how much ore a mine will yield each turn. However the yield can change due to external factors such as events. The ore yield can be expanded by miners, but it can also be lowered by depletion events. If a mine reaches the zero mark at some point the mine is considered depleted and can not be used again. 


Vikja mine card 01 Vikja mine card 02 Vikja mine card 03


Lands - Quarries

Quarries provide the people with stone materials to be used in stone construction such as towers and forts. Only one resource can be gathered in a quarry card and that is stone (see picture below). Stone represents all building materials that are needed during a construction which can be earth, cobbles, pebbles or stone blocks. Stone can be gathered by any character, but only a mason has the skills to get more each turn. The stone needs to be moved by carts or boats to the nearest settlement. A mason is not the easiest character to play with and generally has more obstacles to reach it's goal. 


Vikja quarry card 01 Vikja quarry card 02 Vikja quarry card 03