The fifth group of lands are settlements. These can be divided into different sizes i.e. hamlets, villages towns and small cities. The most common sizes accros the map are hamlets and villages. A settlements can have a maximum of eight icons. The group on the left are exploration, events, patrol, guard and trade (left side see pictures below). The group on the right are ports, lands and population (right side see pictures below). Most of these icons have been explained already only population has not been mentioned before. The population icon indicates the size of a settlement, this can grow or decline when the certain conditions are met.


Lands - Hamlet & Villages

Hamlets are the first stage of a settlement. These can be build when colonizing new lands. They are small and do not have all icons. There is for example no guard or trade icon present as these are too small to engage in these activities. Villages have more options most of them have guards or trade but they lack the patrols to defend their lands better. A population icon also has influence on the recruitment and training of characters. The value represents how many can be trained or recruited each turn. However events and certain conditions can raise or lower this value. The recruitment and training mechanic will be explained further in the rules. 


Vikja hamlet card 02 Vikja village card 01 Vikja village card 02


Lands - Town & Cities

Towns and cities can have all icons present. The values are generally much higher then hamlets or villages. These settlements have a lot more activity some can have up to 2 ports, 7 lands and 10 population. In most scenarios characters use a town or city as a starting point so they can prepare well for the journey ahead and have most options available from the start.


Vikja town card 01 Vikja town card 02 Vikja city card 01