The third group of lands are about towers and caves which are tied up with a location. These lands do not provide any resources but have effects associated with them. The lands can have multiple icons, generally the larger the structure the more effects it has. Characters can only interact with these effects and face the outcome. It would be wise to prepare as best as you can to overcome them.


Lands - Towers

Towers provide the population with extra protection in an area, they are used to control and enforce lands. There are three effects on a tower card and these are events, guard and trade (see picture below). The event icon represents the chance a certain event will occur when a character arrives at this location. The higher the number the more likely an event occurs. The guard icon is used to protect the tower and surrounding lands from attacks. If enemies are about to invade the lands, towers are garrisoned and provide extra defence to withstand attacks.The trade icon shows how many resource transactions are allowed here. The higher the number the more trade can be done.


Vikja tower card 01 Vikja tower card 02 Vikja tower card 03


Lands - Caves

Caves provide opportunities for characters to go on an adventure or quest. There are two effects on a cave card, namely exploration and encounters (see picture below). Exploration can be done by matching or exceeding the number next to the globe icon. So a character needs to build up a total amount of exploration points by throwing dice. Some characters have special skills like exploration or mapping to speed up the build total. The exploration skill for example adds a fixed number to every throw, where as the mapping skill adds a number to the second roll and increases further with consecutive rolls (e.g. First roll +0, second roll +1, third roll +2, fourth roll +3 etc.). The encounter icon will show how dangerous this cave is, the higher the number the more encounters are likely to happen and the stronger the enemies are. More details about this will be provided in the rules.


Vikja cave card 01 Vikja cave card 02 Vikja cave card 03