The Vikja map is basically a relief map with routes. It shows land- and sea routes. The land routes are black dotted lines and connect the locations (big black dots) by trails and roads. The sea routes are white dotted lines and have 2 types, coastal routes and sea routes. The coastal routes are dotted lines around land masses and connect to land locations. The sea routes connect the different coastal routes with each other. All locations are thus connected by land- and / or sea routes. Next to the routes there are also border lines (red lines), these closed areas and represent a province within a region.


Below are parts of the map of the British Isles and Norway. Both are prototypes but give you an idea of the locations and routes that are present. Most locations are historic but some have been added to increase playability. Lakes and rivers have been left out perhaps only the big lakes will be added in a future update.


Vikja british isles Vikja norway 

Two other examples below are the maps of Iceland and a part of Greenland (southeastern part).  No settlements have been found on Greenland in this area although the Tunu might have settled there temporarily. This part of Greenland was added to the map for it gives an extra dimension for paricular scenarios. The colonization of Greenland will be one of the more challenging scenarios as the conditions in this area are more harsh. A scenario in which a villain has to be located and defeated will be much more challenging if he has a base somewhere up in Greenland.


Vikja iceland Vikja greenland