Ships can do maneuvers as well and are carried out by the ship's navigator. Most shipmaneuvers are used during sea battles in which the positioning of the ship in relation to others is key to win. The shipmaneuver can be seen as defensive or aggressive e.g. fleeing, ramming or entering another ship. The ship's navigator is responsible for the success of a maneuver, his or her skills are used to determine the outcome. There are a number of shipmaneuvers and all have a certain difficulty level.  There is more about shipmaneuvers below.


Shipmaneuvers - Attributes

As the shipmaneuvers are carried out by characters the basic attributes concentration and endurance are important. The numbers of these attributes are used to determine how a navigator can act upon a certain difficult maneuver. The basic attributes for shipmaneuvers are name (see top of the card), concentration and endurance (see left column of the card respectively from top to bottom), and on the right the maneuverability bonus for a ship, the fire bonus and other specials (see right column of the card).


Shipmaneuvers - Examples

Examples of shipmaneuvers can be seen below. The first on the left is a flee maneuver, basically getting away from the battle. The navigator needs to succeed a maneuverability test and have 3 concentration and 3 endurance points to pay for it. Thewe have a melee attack, it costs 2 concentration and 4 endurance. The second in the middle is an entering maneuver, in this case the navigator tries to position the ship next to another with skill, rowing speed, sailing speed and other factors. The navigator pays 4 endurance points and gets an extra 2 maneuverability points for the ship this turn. If he or she succeeds the next round the ships are locked and can be entered by the crew to attack the enemy crew. The third and last shipmaneuver has to do with a ranged attack. Here some or all crewmembers have a bow with fire arrows. The navigator tries to position the ship in such a way that most or all bowmen can fire at the enemy ship, this costs 8 concentration points. It is a special move and one of the most devastating maneuvers in the game. For every shot that hits an extra 3 damage can be given to the enemy ship. There is even a chance that the ship will catch fire and burn down completely.


At the moment there are 7x level 1, 7x level 2 and 7x level 3 shipmaneuvers listed, giving a total of 21. Experienced navigators can turn the tide in these sea battles considerably!


Vikja shipmaneuver card 01 Vikja shipmaneuver card 02 Vikja shipmaneuver card 03