The Vikja map has large areas of seas and oceans for characters to travel accros. Ships are therefore the most important transportation vessel in Vikja. Many explorations, invasions, adventures, quests and achievements require the use of ships to get characters accros. In the game ships have many different sizes, there are however three main categories i.e. drakkars, skute and karvi. The drakkars are longships which are often used in times of war and conflict. The faerar are small transportation ships mainly used for passengers and small cargo. The karvi are merchant ships which can carry a large amount of cargo.


Ships - Drakkar

Drakkar ships have eight icons on their card. On the left side these are (from top to bottom) maneuverability, maximum sail speed and row speed. Maneuverability is used in sea battles in which ships try to maneuver into a good position from which they can attack or evade. More on sea battles can be found in the rules. The sail speed is dependent on the direction of the wind when traveling accros the water, if the winds are favourable the ship will travel faster if not it will be slower. This kind of traveling requires much less energy from the crew and can be maintained for a longer period of time. The row speed however requires more energy from the crew generally the more oars the more power the ship can generate. This kind of movement is often used in a sea battles, close to the shore or when winds are unfavourable in for example storms.


In the middle we have the icons hull and structure (from left to right). The hull represents the number of float points of a ship, when the hull is zero the ship will sink. Attacks on the hull often occur in battles, but certain storms can also damage a ship. The structure represents the strength of the construction and how much damage it can sustain before the ship collapses. Ships can be pierced by all kinds of things weakening the structure of a ship, for example pointy rocks or other ships ramming the side.


On the right we have the icons (from top to bottom) amount of small ships, maximum cargohold and maximum crew. Larger ships often carry smaller ships aboard, these can be launched into the water and used for a variety of things. For example ferrying men and equipment accros when the larger ship cannot get there, small landing parties for acquiring water and food, or used as an escape ship when the larger ship needs to be abandoned. The cargohold icon indicates the maximum amount of cargo a ship can carry. The crew icon shows the maximum number of passengers and crew a ship is allowed to have.


Ships - Skute & Karvi

Skute ships are fast, small and fragile the amount of hull and structure shows that these cannot withstand much damage. These ships are often used for short distances ferrying passengers and cargo accros seas or rivers. The karvi ships are much larger and much slower, these are specialized in bulk cargoes and longer trips accros longer distances. The crews of these ships are often smaller and sometimes passengers come along to visit family and friends.


Vikja ship card 01 Vikja ship card 02 Vikja ship card 03