The night and day D6 die gives you more control over the outcome of certain attributes and skills. However you can also do a random throw and let luck rule this aspect. The night and day D6 can be used in a number of situations. The die needs to be thrown when you want to search or hide. Special cases for night and day die are travel, ambush and siege, which are determined by certain actions.

Some professions can determine the outcome of the D6 die in advance of the roll. These are scout, tracker, seeress, skald and informant (villain controlled only). If one of these professions are part of a group you can still call the die result. The day and night die can only be determined by the character that activates it not the opponent who's affected. However if two opposite characters can control the die then a random throw decides the final outcome.


**As an optional rule you can give control to the character with the highest skill for all search and hide cases.



For search the night and day die gives you the following values: night -4, dusk -2, dawn +2, day +4. Obviously it's better to search in daytime as more light is available. A cave or underground cavern is considered to be nighttime all the time.



For hide the night and day die gives you the following values: night +4, dusk +2, dawn -2, day -4. Hide is basically the opposite of search and helps when you want to stay hidden. 



An ambush gives you the initiative so you determine at what time of the day you are going to attack. The daytime and dawn gives +2 attack, nighttime and dusk gives +1 attack and +1 defense. All bonuses apply to all characters in the group.

In the case of an ambush if there are two characters on opposite sides that can control the night and day event then a random die roll is made. When the opponent wins he has discovered the ambush and avoided it so no effects apply.



The nighttime gives +1 attack and -1 defense, the daytime has no advantage.