The hide and seek mechanic is fairly simple, but works well in all circumstances. All characters have a basic hide and seek skill. The hide or seek action will be tested with a D19 for each participant. The difference between the two parties is measured and used to determine the outcome. In some cases it is not possible to find someone who has hid well or vice versa.

The skill tests are determined by a number of formulas. The character who wants to stay hidden, uses the hide skill minus the D19 roll. The character who is seeking, uses the seek skill minus the D19 roll. Overall the outcome of these values can be influenced by the day and night die. Nighttime increases the hide value in favor of the one who wants to hide, while daytime increases the seek value.


value   skill   D20 roll
hide value = basic hide skill - dice roll
seek value = basic seek skill dice roll

The character that tries to hide uses it's skill check first. If the check is successful, that is the throw is equal or below his or her basic skill, the character has successfully hidden from view. Now it is the seeker's turn to throw the die, he or she has to throw a number so that it's total value is higher then the hide value and thus find the hidden character. Let's explain it in more detail with a number of examples:


Example 1 basic hide skill = 6 D19 = 8 hide value = -2  
  basic seek skill = 8 D19 = 10 seek value = -2 equal so unsuccessful
    D19 = 6 seek value = +2 higher so successful 
Example 2 basic hide skill = 12 D19 = 9 hide value = +3  
  basic seek skill = 7 D19 = 2 seek value = +5 higher so successful 
    D19 = 6 seek value = +1 lower so unsuccessful 
Example 3 basic hide skill = 14 D19 = 8 hide value = +6  
  basic seek skill = 6 D19 = 1 seek value = +5 lower so unsuccessful 
    D19 = 4 seek value = +1 lower so unsuccessful 

You can see in these examples that the formulas are pretty straightforward. However you will also notice that in example 3 the seeker can never beat the +6 score. The seeker simply has a skill which is too low to get above the other character. 


Very high skilled characters, can stay hidden from view more easily as long as he or she hides successfully. There are a number of items which can help characters to increase the basic hide skill further. This makes these characters ideal for scouting, thievery, sabotage and other activities which strongly favor the need to keep a low profile.

A character who is very skilled in seeking is also valuable. It means that locations can be searched more thoroughly and they will leave nothing unchecked when looking for valuables. The torch is an item that increases the search value for seekers in dark places.