Vikja Power tokenThe power mechanic is straightforward and can be useful in almost any circumstance. Characters are tested throughout their adventures on attributes or skills with a D19 die roll. During these tests power tokens can be used to increase or decrease the number rolled afterwards. Power tokens can help players tremendously in cliffhanger moments by adjusting the final score in such a way that they are successful. The power tokens can also be used to change the die of the opponent and make them miss a strike or fail all together. However when power tokens are used all characters involved have to be in the same location, otherwise it has no effect.  


Characters can gain power tokens during the game as rewards, loot, gifts and finds. The basic reward for killing an opponent in combat is one power token. Other means in which tokens can be acquired are through powerful items, titles or quests. The quest difficulty level scales with the amount of tokens in a linear fashion. Some characters start with a number of power tokens and some titles gain power tokens over a certain amount of time. In any case the more the better as there are a lot of powerful creatures and villains in the game which can not be beaten easily.


In solo and competitive play power tokens are a useful tool to force the outcome of a battle. Most players do not hoard them in large numbers, as there are lots of opportunities to give these tokens a fair amount of play. In cooperative play power tokens can be used to help other players in need of a buff so the outcome is the desired one.

Players that have characters with many titles tend to become fairly wealthy with power tokens and thus can become quite powerful to end things in their favor. Other players should be vigilant when another player has a large amount of power tokens, as it can be a quite dangerous to oppose them. No maximum has been set in the game yet, but perhaps some scenarios or campaigns need such a rule to not let it get out of control.