Vikja Clue tokenThe track mechanic is not difficult and probably on of the most important in Vikja. Tracking is all about following the trail of a person, an animal, a ship, a cart or any other moving object. With shrewd observation and the gathering of information you are trying to find the whereabouts of the person or thing you are interested in. Tracking involves a lot of traveling or moving around but usually the trail starts at the last known location.


Vikja track system


At the starting location you observe the person or object directly or you try to find clues to where it went. In most cases players need to find clues, as the person or thing already left some time ago. However in some cases there is a chance you might actually catch up and be in the same location.

Players travel to the last known location and need to gather a certain amount of clues. Every location is connected with land routes and / or sea routes. The total amount of possible routes is noted down, minus the number of locations that have been searched already. If you have gathered the right amount of clues you throw the die for finding the next location. The result will determine which route the person took and the trail continues.

For example see above in the Gothenburg settlement, if you started the quest here then you have 4 options. Go north, east or south by land or west by sea. Roll the die to follow the trail to the next. Sea routes are special and always go from a land location to another via sea. The closest locations via sea are chosen beforehand and added to the total amount of possible routes.


Region 2+ cluess
Province 4+ clues
Location 8+ clues
Ship 6+ clues
Character 10+ clues
Item 12+ clues

As a general rule the bigger the object you want to find the less clues you need to follow it's track. All objects need a certain number of clue points, but some scenarios can deviate from this. Also a number of scenarios have a different set of objects to track, in a fixed order. So for example you can start with trying to find the region first, then a province and then the village or area. More difficult tracking involves villains, henchmen or informants who are moving constantly across the board and can have enlisted people who try to deviate you from the path.


There is one catch in the tracking mechanic, players can also collect bad clues. This means that these clues are useless. If a bad clue is followed up to the next location it will be a dead end. That is the location is being searched and clues are gathered but that location is not going to lead to the next one. The players have to retrace the tracks and start again at the location where they had the last real clue.

Some of these bad clues are created by informants, henchmen or other non-trustworthy people. Players need to be careful on how to gather clues cooperatively, some professions and skills are much better at it. Other information can also be gathered which is related to the skills of the character or the items he or she carries, which can tell players something about the kind of threat they are dealing with.