Welcome to the characters section of Vikja the board game. The adventures and stories of this Viking game are largely driven by characters and their dealings. As characters are the most important element we have split them into three main groups which are villains, historic characters, and heroes. The selection of a character is flexible and extensive. You can play a hero, a heroine, a historic character or a villain.

At the start of the game players choose their main character from the heroes and heroines section to play with. These are usually the protagonist characters. If your main character dies during the adventure, players are allowed to use their side character to be their new designated main. However if a player does not have other characters he or she can choose a new one from the heroes and heroines list.


The villains and historic characters are usually the antagonists to play against in scenarios and quests. If players use a game master (or dungeon master) one- or all of these characters will be played by him or her. There are also scenarios in which players can actually play historic characters to replay historic situations or events.

This flexible set up for characters adds a lot of replayability to the game. Do remember that some characters have higher levels of attributes and skills which requires some thought on how to balance things, sometimes scaling up or down is necessary. For balancing purposes players are allowed to add or remove items and possessions from their character.


Vikja characters card Laretta
Play a villain
Play a historic
Vikja heroes and heroines Valka the colorful
Play a hero
or heroine