Heroes and heroines

The hero and heroine characters represent the protagonists in the Vikja game. In this section a considerable number of heroes and heroines have been created to be played. All of them have a profession and a set of attributes and skills. Extra assets are given to some characters to create a better game balance. Characters have a difficulty level associated with them so they can be compared to all other groups. Do take into account the difficulty when playing a character. More experienced players should make use of this knowledge in regard to newer players. Use common sense when setting up a game and dividing the roles of the participating characters. All added items and possessions to characters can be swapped for silver at the start.


Heroes and heroines can also be played as villains in all cases. This requires knowledge of the basic game plus how and when to use such a set up. If played as a villain he or she would be under control of a player who can also control one or more other villains. These are regarded as lesser villains if a major villain was chosen to act as the main story.


Vikja heroes and heroines Dalli the Proud


Dalli is a proud and dedicated huskarl who has been serving his jarl for several years. He is of average height has brown eyes, brown hair and a small beard. He is ambidextrous and very skillful in combat maneuvers. He loves fishing and often goes to the lakes and rivers to seek food and adventure.

He has a normal Viking family which includes his wife Vigdís, his two sons and two hunting dogs. Vigdís has taught herself a craft in leather making. A small shop and workplace has been attached to their house. Her twin sons, Tólir and Flíri, both aged 9, are training to become boat builders. The family goes fishing and hunting regularly in the nearby lakes, rivers and forests together with their dogs.


Dalli grew up in a large town with a military fort nearby. This fort boasts some of the most impressive defensive works in the northern lands. His father was a member of a renowned hurskarl contingent at the fort. He got promoted to a royal huskarl after a victorious battle against an infamous group of bandits. Dalli has been trained by his father and would like to become a professional huskarl too. He now lives close to the great hall and practices his skills daily at the fort.

Vikja heroes and heroines Grímkell the Agile


Grímkell is an agile and tough huskarl who has experience in organizing raids for a couple of years now. He is a tall man with blue eyes and has dark blond reddish hair with a few small braids. He is a fair leader and a talented swimmer. Ocassionally he joins a border patrol in the mountains in which his climbing skill is the envy of all. He likes women and often goes to the mead hall to drink and exchange stories with friends.

He has a small family consisting of his wife Bersa, and a 3 year old daughter Auða. Bersa is pregnant with another child and is supported by her parents with the daily chores. His daughter is clever and quick on her feet, she always likes to play with her friends in the village. She also visits the pig stables daily to feed and play with them. Her favorite piglet is called Tod who has 3 black spots on his back.


Grímkell was born in a small village next to a hill range. He was the oldest of all the brothers and sisters at home. His parents died from a infectuous disease making him responsible for running the family at the age of 16. He was betrothed to Bersa, a nice local woman, and got married quickly after he became 18 years of age. Together with his wife he raised his younger brothers and sisters until they reached adulthood. Some of them have left the parental house and some are still living with them. Grímkell had always liked swimming and often trained with a friend in the river to improve his techniques. Five years ago he won a swimming contest for the first time which was organized by the local jarl. After he won the contest for a second time the jarl offered him a place among his huskarl warriors. He was given a chainmail and helmet with the new position. His small warband is responsible for training the new recruits and organize the yearly raid.

Vikja heroes and heroines Halla the Strong


Halla is a crop farmer who earns a living from linen. She is rather small but sturdy, has dark brown hair and grey eyes. She has developed an eye for opportunities and her timing is often spot on. She uses the local brook that passes her farm to irrigate her crops. The effectiveness of her irrigation is most impressive and the farm thrives because of it.

The size of the family is average. She has a husband called Galti, one daughter en three sons. Galti is often working with the oxes to plough the fields and keep them in good condition. Kára her daughter is often busy making nice objects from linen ranging from clothing to shoes. Her sons Dafi, Dufgall and Ebbe help their mother with the fibre crops. In addition to farming they often go hunting in the nearby woods and put up traps and snares to catch small game. Their hunting trips has increased the much needed variety in their daily diet.


Halla was born in a small town high up in the mountains. Her parents were thrown of their land after a dispute with a landowner about the rent. They took all their belongings and moved to a new plot of land in an adjacent district. Here they found a derelict farm with fields that had been overgrown for many years. In the first few years the family had some tough times at the new farm. The buildings and fields needed a lot of work to get them in good shape again. New crops needed to be sown and food was sometimes scarce. Halla was the only child during this time, but when the farm was repaired and ready a little sister and brother were born. Many happy years followed after that. But one day her father suddenly got ill and died unexpectedly after a short sickbed. He was buried on a nearby hill overlooking his farm and fields.

Vikja heroes and heroines Rögnvaldr the ambitious


Rögnvaldr is an industrious farmer who owns a mixed farm. He is of average height and has a strong pair of arms. His hair is dark brown and his eyes are greenish-brown. He is an ambitious man and tries to do his daily jobs as efficient as possible. He is able to defend himself against bandits and other scum that roam the lands.

His family is pretty large with 15 members in total. Rögnvaldr has 7 daughters and 5 sons, many of them work at the farm. A few of his children have already left their home to live in nearby settlements. Saldís, his wife, organizes the storage hall and sells much of the food and wares to passing merchants and customers. One of the daughters, called Ronnog, has set up a shop in the nearest town to sell wares. She gets the majority of her goods from her father's farm. Rögnvaldr's parents live on the farm as well. They help out with daily chores and raise the little children when everyone else is working.


Rögnvaldr grew up in the nearby village. His father was a huskarl who was enlisted by the local jarl. During battles he showed a lot of courage which earned him the nickname of 'the Hammer'. He was awarded for his bravery with a plot of land and he started his own farm after retirement. He is a renowned huskarl and still carries a lot of knowledge with him. He teaches a number of family members about the Viking way of fighting. Rögnvaldr was his eldest son who inherited the farm and expanded it into a larger complex.

Vikja heroes and heroines Friðrún the industrious


Friðrún is a fisherwoman who sails across rivers and seas to earn a living. She is a kind person and of average height. She has light brown hair which is kept together in two long braids. Her eyes are blue and she has a scar on her cheek. She is an excellent swimmer and knows the local waters very well. Aside from fishing she also transports small cargoes for farmers and other folk.

She has a small family consisting of a daugther and son. She also keeps 2 guard dogs which often accompany her on sailing trips. She lives together with her parents who help with the daily chores. Her daughter Gunnrún and her son Ástvar both run the household and try to sell the caught fish at the nearby markets.


Friðrún grew up in a village next to a river mouth. The fisher profession had been in her family for many generations. Her grandparents owned a big fishing boat, which was one of the largest in the village fleet. The boat was traded for a smaller one after a difficult financial period. Her husband worked on the smaller boat for many years. One day a sudden storm caught him by surprise and he drowned at sea. The wreckage of his boat was washed ashore and his body was found by a villager. She recognized him immediately and warned his family. A sober funeral was given and they burried him next to other older family graves. His death was a great loss as the boat and their main source of income was gone overnight. The villagers were kind and gave the family a communal loan in silver and a small fishing boat. During this time all family members worked hard to make ends meet. They eventually succeeded in recovering their livelihood and things got better again. The loan was paid back and a replacement boat was bought.

Vikja heroes and heroines Hánnar the sensible


Hánnar is a sensible and calm fisherman who has made a living from the sea and coastal area for many years. He is a tall man with light brown hair and greenish-brown eyes. He is a good swimmer and an excellent diver. He likes to scavenge along the coast looking for shellfish. Sometimes he salvages pieces of wreckage from ships that have perished in the rough seas.

His family consists of Borga his wife, together with 2 daughters and 2 sons. The sons Otkell and Ringr build and repair build small boats and often accompany their father at sea. The daughters Dagrún and Agða make fishing nets to be used by their father and other people. Borga and her daughters go to the markets to sell the fresh fish daily. Many other things like nets and boats are sold at their house.


Hánnar was born in a small fishing town which is situated in a bay surrounded by a cliff. Many expeditions set sail from the town to new lands. Occasionally Viking raiders gather their ships here to cross the seas in search of plunder. His father, called Ymir, was a harbor master and kept the flow of ships in check. His mother was a slave once but Ymir bought her freedom and married her. The local jarl was not particularly fond of Ymir and therefore the title of harbor master was not passed to one of his sons after his death.

Vikja heroes and heroines Gamli the gentle


Gamli is a quick and gentle archer who has protected his clan and village for several years. He is tall, has blue-grey eyes, light blond hair and a small tattoo on his arm. He can fire arrows with his left as well as his right. He is part of the village watch and often goes on patrol in the surrounding lands.

He has three daughters, one son and a wife, called Unna. His wife together with their son and daughters run a small inn in the center of the village. It's the only inn within fourty kilometers so visitors are quite common. They serve food and drinks and have 5 rooms upstairs for guests. Reifnir, their son, also attends weekly patrols together with his father. Family hunting and gathering food is often done at times when there are hardly any guests at the inn.


Gamli was born in this village. His father had won a number of small tournaments as an archer. He taught Gamli the way of an archer when he grew up. As a result Gamli became an excellent marksman too just like his father. The village watch has hired him to strengthen their archery contingent. He now trains other men the way of the bow. Gamli became well known to the villagers when he single handedly disarmed a group of scum at the market. They were unwilling to pay for some goods to the trader which ended in violence. He acted quickly and knocked down a few of the men while the others yielded to him afterwards.

Vikja heroes and heroines Jóra the bounty hunter


Jóra is a shrewd and stealthy archer who travels from tournament to tournament to earn a living. She is small and atlethic has green-brown eyes, long red-brown hair and a conspicuous necklace. She is an excellent horse rider and combines it with skillful archery. She likes riding along the coast and through forests for additional food and adventure.

She has no direct family except for two distant uncles. She owns a dog who is half wolf called Rán. Jóra has learned to trade in small precious objects like amber and half gems. She usually carries a bag with her on her travels. Jóra likes to hunt in the woods and searches for amber and other precious things along the coastline.


Jóra grew up in small village near a forest. Her grandparents perished at sea when she was very young. Recently an attack by local bandits on her house killed her parents too. The house was surrounded and burned down, she had to escape the fires and flee into the wilderness. Luckily for her she had learned a lot of survival skills from her mother. She used to be an excellent hunter and herbalist. Her father was a member of the village watch and was able to use the bow to great effect. Jóra found a young puppy in the woods after the attack on her house and brought her in. She raised the young pup and they became great friends. Nowadays the two are inseparable and travel together all the time.

Vikja heroes and heroines Malika the shieldmaiden


Malika is an honourable and brave shieldmaiden who has been fighting in the borderlands for some years. She is of normal height has blue-grey eyes, half long blond hair and a large tattoo on her back. She rides a small pony and uses a long axe with great skill. She loves roaming through the mountainous terrain, living off the land and setting up traps for game and enemies alike.

Malika has a husband, called Þjóstar, and two daughters called Birgit and Egedía, aged 12 and 10 respectively. Þjóstar has a small smithy close to the edge of town. He provides armor and weapons to the local jarl and sometimes the king. Her daughters help him with the shop which is set up in a building next to the house.


Malika was the daughter of a clan leader, her father. He always wanted a son but was unfortunate in his attempts. As it became clear that he was unable to get a son within a year, combat training was given to his daughter instead. She quickly learned the way of the warrior and excelled at speedy moves and combat tricks. Her father grew more and more fond of her. He witnessed at a training that she was able to defeat his best warriors in combat. After 5 years of training she was given the shieldmaiden title in public, which was a great honour. The townspeople were proud to have such skillful maiden to protect them. As a border town, a lot of warriors were trained to fend of enemy raids, Malika joined the town contingents to secure the surrounding lands.

Vikja heroes and heroines Gunnhildr the witted shieldmaiden


Gunnhildr is an agile and witted shieldmaiden who has been serving her village for quite some time. She has blue eyes and is of small stature. She wears a distinctive ring necklace and has long blond hair kept in braids. She is quick with the sword and fast with the bow. She likes roaming the seas and joins organized raids often.

Her family has 4 members. She has a husband Owdin, two sons Rokkvi and Sigfrøðr, aged 5 and 6 respectively. She keeps a loyal hawk Eyja who accompanies her when adventuring. Her husband is a renowned huskarl, he has a large battle scar on his left leg, which prevents him from walking quickly. He stays close to home to raise the kids and do household chores when not on duty. Her sons have started combat training a month ago. Her son Rokkvi likes swords and Sigfrøðr prefers to use the bow. Owdin gives them both extra lessons daily for an hour or two.


Gunnhildr was born in a coastal village. At the moment of her birth the village was raided, and her father together with other watchmen were trying to repel the raiders. After a combat struggle they drove them off and the village was saved. The clan leader praised the Norse gods and a völva read the signs. A protector was chosen that day and Gunnhildr became the shieldmaiden of the village in honor of the gods. And so it began, Gunnhildr was given combat training at a young age and was tutored by two wise elders. When she had become of age, she was one of the best warriors in the region. The most renowned local warrior Owdin married Gunnhildr and they moved to a longhouse in the center of the village.

Vikja heroes and heroines Bersa the seeress


Bersa is a wise and charismatic völva who has been traveling from sacred place to place for nearly 6 years. She is of normal height has brown-green eyes, long brown hair and a small tattoo on her face. She has no trouble speaking in public and has very good healing skills. She likes to travel around and help people who need it the most. She often goes through great lengths to cure the illnesses at the homes of the sick.

Bersa has no family but she does have two ponies, called Brák and Þýrví. The ponies are packed with goods with most of her daily needs like clothes, herbs, potions, pots and pans. Many of her visits are announced in advance and thus people can prepare for her arrival. Her journey is often guided and guarded by local people to whom she is traveling to. When she arrives at her new destination she can often stay in a public building, inn or hall in exchange for her services.


Bersa was born in a sacred place and had been given the seeress title after an initiation ritual. As a child she stayed in a house which was renowned for their healing practices. There she was brought up by other völva and volunteers who all taught her the way to be a seeress. Eventually her knowledge increased and she was allowed to accompany other völva. It was on these journeys that she learned a lot of practical things like making ointments and performing rituals. A great number of years were needed to master the skills she needed and now she travels on her own across the lands.

Vikja heroes and heroines Magnus the skald


Magnus is a musical and handsome skald who has been traveling to various Nordic halls in good accordance regularly. He has blue-grey eyes, half long brownish hair and a small goatee. Magnus has a stature which is slightly above average and has developed a nose for opportunities and timing. He possesses good social skills and loves attending festivities in which he can perform songs and tell stories.

His family is small and consists of a wife and daughter. Yngvildr, his wife, runs a small tavern at the town center. Her daughter Glyrna helps her mother and serves the guests with mead, food and other drinks. Magnus plays at his own tavern regularly and if he is not at home he travels across the Nordic lands to perform at the great halls in various lands. From time to time he is invited by nobles to entertain their guests.


Magnus grew up in a large town next to a broad river. His parents had a tavern close to the docks. The tavern was rarely empty during the day as travelers gathered here to wait for ships to leave or arrive in the harbor. One day he met a nice woman named Yngvildr at the tavern and they fell in love. Soon after the happy couple married they got a place of their own. With the help of both parents they bought a new tavern in another town. The tavern was extended with extra rooms and was finished within a month. At that exact moment their daughter Glyrna was born which was seen as a blessing by the gods. Appropriately they gave the new tavern the name of 'Six Eyes' which refered to the number of inhabitants and their daughter's name Glyrna, which means eye in the Nordic language.

Vikja heroes and heroines Kjalar the adventurous


Kjalar is an adventurous and curious explorer who has been sailing the seas and oceans for many years. He is tall, has light brown eyes, wavy brown hair and a stubble beard. He is a knowledgeable seafarer and very skillful in ship maneuvering. He likes to observe sea mamals and sea birds. He occasionally sails to a remote bird colony to hunt and take their eggs for rations.

He has small family consisting of his wife, son and daughter. He keeps an albatross, named Fulmar, for a pet who accompanies him on his travels. Frøydís his wife works on a small farm together with her daughter Halldís and her son Vottr. They try to make a living from growing crops and harvesting shellfish. On occasion Vera or Thorin go with their father to the town market on the other side of the island. When they have gathered enough supplies to last for a couple of months they return home. Sometimes one of the children will accompany Kjalar on an exploring trip. These exploring trips are often paid by one of the nobles who are looking for more trade routes, lands or other opportunities.


Kjalar was born in a village on an island. His curiosity about other lands and seas grew from a young age as he was naturally restricted to a small area. His parents worked the fields all year round and struggled to make a decent living. He met Frøydís at the age of 8, when a new farmer settled at the border of their land. The two children played together and had a lot of fun during their childhood years. Whenever they finished work, the two met at the border to venture out into the wild. One of the farms burned down to the ground after a terrible fire. The parents of both children agreed to join their lands and build an extra farm next to the other. It was a happy little community until one by one the parents died of disease or old age. When the last parent was gone Kjalar and Frøydís moved to another island and settled there.

Vikja heroes and heroines Svala the impulsive


Svala is an impulsive and bold explorer who seeks fortune and knowledge in uncharted lands. She is of average height, has brown eyes and long dark brown hair. She is very fit and has an athletic build. She is quick to respond to situations and has a lot of experience in combat. She travels great distances and visits foreign lands and cultures.

Her family consists of a husband and son. Burinn her husband is a noble and the clan leader of a large town. She and Burinn do not get along very well, as a result she makes a lot of journeys to distant lands. Here she gathers information about politics, knowledge and cultures. This information is passed on to her husband, jarls and other nobles. Basically she acts as a informant and messenger for the nobles of her homeland. In exchange for her services she gets resources and silver to travel around. From time to time she does what she wants if she feels like it. Her son Dyggvi is the heir to the clan leadership position when her husband Burinn dies.


Svala was born a commoner in a small village. Her father was a huskarl and had connections with a number of nobles. At a young age Svala was bethrothed to one of the young nobles. Her father died just before she became the wife of Burinn the young noble she was bethroted to. Burinn, was a renowned leader and always looking for opportunities to strengthen his position. He had great diplomatic skill and even became friends with the king. Svala gave birth to a son and thus had done her duty towards her father. She started to think more about her own needs and set up a traveling venture. She was left alone by her husband as he did not mind. This grew into more extensive traveling and as she was pretty talented. She struck a deal with nobles in which she would get resources in exchange of being an informant and messenger for them. She will be bringing important information back from other lands.

Vikja heroes and heroines Jóndís the cunning


Jóndís is a cunning and competitive trader who sails across the waters from market to market to earn a living. She has a gentle and funny personality and is of normal height. Her eye color is blue and she has long black hair. She wears a long blue robe and has a small pendant around her neck. She is a persistent seller and knows a lot about the different local products in various regions.

Her family consists of a husband, called Pjetur, and two sons and daughters. Their house is located adjacent to the market square which has a shop at the front. Pjetur makes pottery and runs the small shop together with Alda one of their daughters. Tjörvi and Viggó help their mother with her boat trips to regional markets. They also tend to the wares when she is bargaining with one of the traders or customers. Jóndís makes about ten or more trade trips every year. She visits the four popular regional markets, and a few that are more on the outskirts of the Nordic lands.


Jóndís was born in a large town. Her childhood was a happy one as she grew up in a loving family. She had many friends and lots of time to play. Sometimes she was a bit mischievous and hid objects from other people. Their house was located on a hill not far from the vast forests. Her parents were craftsmen and sold their wares at the market. They were good at making wicker baskets as well as leather items which ranged from belts to large bags. One day the town was struck by a severe drought which caused a shortage in food. Many people went to the southern and western lands to escape famine. These droughts became a regular occurence in these parts. Her parents bought a boat to counter these events so they were able to sell their wares in adjacent regions. The townspeople had also experienced a large influx of refugees after a neighbouring town was raided and sacked. Some of these people came here to start a new life others moved to other destinations. In that particular year the total population grew by more than twenty percent.

Vikja heroes and heroines Alfrigg the determined


Alfrigg is a kind and determined trader who travels across land and sea to all kinds of markets. He is somewhat tall, has dark blue eyes, dark blond hair and braided beard. He wears a red brown robe with fur edges and two distinctive arm guards. He is quite a resourceful person and tries to take the fastest roads. However when safety seems compromised he plans a different route.

The family of Alfrigg consists of his wife Valdís, two sons and three daughters. Valdís and two daughters, Auða and Birsa, run the household in the longhouse. Their house is quite large and has a storage hall. There is also a stable in a separate building in opposite of their house. Family members buy and sell wares from local farmers and craftsmen and sell these at markets further away. The two sons Palni and Eitill help their father with the horses, carts and ships. Their trade goes mainly overland but on occasion a sea route is chosen.


Alfrigg spend his childhood in a small town. This settlement was founded 30 years ago but has seen a lot of growth since then. Alfrigg grew up in a steadily changing environment, and his parents adapted in a good way. They had set up a small transport business with carts and horses. As the route became more popular by travelers, their livelihood increased for the better. After a number of prosperous years they were able to build a small storage hall and stables close to their home. Alfrigg was a keen learner and his experience and ambition grew when he reached adulthood. At the age of 18 he married Valdís and a couple of years later he took over the business from his father. His parents still worked for the business but their health became an issue. His father especially as he traveled shorter distances after each year. On one trip Alfrigg and his father had a tragic road accident. It was rainy weather and the roads became muddy. When they went uphill one of their horses slipped and the cart slid downhill. In an attempt to stop the cart Alfrigg's father got behind it. But it was too late the cart could not be held and he got trapped between the wheels of the cart. He died from a serious leg injury and internal bleedings a day later. This tragic event made Alfrigg a more melancholic then he used to be.

Vikja heroes and heroines Nývarð  the scout


Nývarð is a cheerful and self-centered scout who is employed to observe the enemies of his jarl. He is of normal height, has dark brown eyes, light brown hair and a short beard. He wears a long green robe with a brown cloak. He moves around stealthily and is always looking for an escape route when entering a room. He is brave in battle and quick with the bow. He is tough to beat in any encounter.

His family is made up of 5 members. Oddrún his wife, Vorm his son and two daughters named Röskva and Sera. Oddrún runs a leather shop together with Vorm and Sera. Röskva is a bowyer for the jarl's troops and teaches the basics of archery at his training school.


Nývarð grew up during a war and his parents moved several times as refugees. In this war a lot of borderland settlements were looted and burned as the attackers and defenders went back and forth. Allies from both sides were called in to fight alongside them, which intensified the war. A large and deciding battle was fought around a number of lakes in which Nývarð's king was victorious. A peace settlement was made and a substantial plot of land was seized by the victor. His parents settled in the new aquired land and were given a plot by the king. The same treatment was given to many other affected refugees who lost their home in the conflict. Peace returned to the land for a decade, but recently more tensions are noticeable. A new king of the former enemy was crowned and he has different ideas about the former peace settlement. A military buildup has started and a collision course has been set which will lead to new war.

Vikja heroes and heroines Geirlaug the attractive


Geirlaug is an attractive and focused scout who has been in service of her jarl for about 2 years. She is of average height and has green eyes. She has half long light brown hair and wears a inconspicuous earring. She speaks more then one language and is good at reconaissance. She rides a pony and ocassionally joins an expedition into unknown lands and waters.

She has a small family consisting of a son and a daughter. Her son Salvar works as an apprentice at a carpentry. Hallótta her daughter takes care of their house and works in a tavern. Both are smart and fully independent to look after themselves when their mother is not around. Her former husband Tindur drowned, when he was sailing across the sea to visit his parents. As a sudden gale surprised the crew, a number of passengers went overboard during the storm. Although some of them were rescued Tindur remained unfound and was assumed dead. The family still feels the loss of their father, and Salvar is determined to find out what happened to him when he has the time to do so.


Geirlaug grew up in a village close to a fort. She was a happy child and always willing to help her parents with anything. One day her mother had broken her leg but Geirlaug helped her daily with the household chores and kept her informed about events outside the village. Geirlaug's mother was much respected as she was very involved in village festivities and events. Geirlaug's parents gave her a pony to get things done more quickly in and out of the village. She enjoyed riding her sturdy pony and became a very skilled rider. These talents did not go unnoticed and one of the jarl's men asked her to join and work as a scout. Geirlaug did not want to at first as her parents depended on her a great deal. After her mother died due to an illness her father ran the household and she was given more freedom. The second time she was asked to work as a scout she accepted. Her training began at the jarl's fort. Within 2 years she was allowed to join an expedition. During one of the expeditions she met her future husband Tindur who was living on the other side of a shallow sea.

Vikja heroes and heroines Finna the methodical


Finna is a hardworking and methodical tracker who works for the townguard of one of the biggest towns in the north. She is of average height, has dark blue eyes and black brown hair. She wears brown clothing, leather boots and a cloak. She has a keen eye for detail and is able to observe her surroundings very well. She is cautious in her approach but quick in her response. Finna is being helped by her faithful dog Pálmi, together they form a good team and try to locate criminals and others who broke the law.

Her family is small and consist of her husband, her son and a dog. Málgeir her husband works as an overseer in a silver mine. He leads the working force and tries to combat corruption. Her son Otur works at the town guard, he takes part in nightly patrols. Sometimes these patrols go further afield and they try to find bandit hideouts by the fires that are lid at night. Her dog Pálmi stays with her most of the time especially when she has an arduous task on her hands.


Finna was born in a big town. Her father was the leader of the townguards trying to maintain law and order. Yearly festivities and other events always drew more criminals and other scum to town. During these events incidents and crime was reported regularly and often there wasn't much time to take a break. However the townguard managed to attend to most incidents in time. Her father was keen to teach Finna something about solving crimes so he took her with him when she was only aged 7. Finna was very obedient and as quiet as a mouse when she observed the townguards doing their work. Many guards liked having her around as she was often able to find clues that had been overlooked. Her natural talent for finding clues developed further, the althing eventually hired her as an investigator when she became of age.


Vikja heroes and heroines Dynþór the admirable


Dynþór is a courteous and admirable tracker who lives in a mountainous area. He is quite tall, has grey eyes, dark blond hair and a stubble beard. He wears a long robe with cloak and carries a large bag on his back. He is an insightful person and has good knowledge of the trails, paths and dangers of the local area.

The family of Dynþór is considerable in size. He has a wife, called Nýbjörg, three sons and four daughters. His house is located at the northern edge of the village right next to a long mountain ridge. A shop and workplace have been constructed next to their main house. A mountain path goes right past the buildings and up towards a small plateau which has a waterfall and pond. It's here that rituals are held to appease the gods and creatures that are believed to dwell in these mountains. Nýbjörg and two daughters, Lína and Mábil, run a shop and sell all kinds of hand made leather objects. The other two daughters, Rín and Ollý, are running the household. Two sons, Fáfnir and Eberg, are part of the village watch, they go on patrols almost every day. The third son Eyþór trades wares from their shop on the other side of the mountains, in exchange he brings back goods from the coastal area.


Dynþór was born in this village and spend a great deal of his time with his father in the mountains. Most of the time they were hunting and tracking animals. Occassionally they were employed as a guide, then they had to take groups of travelers over the mountain paths to the other side. Many difficult journeys had been made across and some travelers did not make it. Wild animals, severe weather conditions, and climbing accidents were most of the time the cause of death. The long journeys and the separation from the other family members was not always easy.


Vikja heroes and heroines Fjallgeirr the steadfast


Fjallgeirr is a steadfast and energetic woodcutter who works for a shipbuilder. He is of normal height, has dark brown eyes and light brown hair. He wears brown colored clothing and a green cloak. He is vigilant about his surroundings and has a good sense for how to handle things. He is direct in his approach and nimble in his actions. He has a skute with which he can transport logs over water.

His family consists of three members, Mýrún his wife, a son and daughter. Mýrún and his son Lasse run a small cattle farm with some pasture land. A considerable forest is situated next to their pasture. From this forest Fjallgeirr selects trees to be cut down which will be used in shipbuilding. He uses a pair of oxen to drag the logs back to the farm. The mast, however, needs a special kind of tree and for that he ventures further out to find a good specimen. Occassionally he sails to one of the coastal islands, where he cuts down one or two trees and transports them back. The floating tree logs are fastened by a rope and nail behind his ship.


Fjallgeirr was born in a village located at the tip of a peninsula. His father worked as a carpenter at a small dockyard, which was the largest business in the village. Every year five or more ships were being build. Often different types of ships are completed ranging from small skutes to larger drakkars. The village is a lively place, fishermen, traders and other woodcutters from the area gather here to get to work. Vast forests are visible from the village which are located more inland. These lands can be reached by rivers that cut through the wilderness. Many woodcutters use these waterways to supply the dockyard with lumber regularly.


Vikja heroes and heroines Vigdis the cheerful


Vigdis is a cheerful and perceptive woodcutter who sells wood and charcoal at her house. She is somewhat tall, has dark blue eyes and light blond hair. She wears a greenish coat, long leather boots and a brown cloak. She works long hours and has two strong ponies that help her with moving lumber and charcoal. She has to be vigilant while working in the forest, as it can be a dangerous place especially after dark. She is cheerful by nature and most people are happy to see her when she shows up. Vigdis is a modest woman with a strong sense of justice. She has build a kiln at the back of her house and uses her own technique to produce charcoal.

The family of Vigdis has 4 members. Eir her husband is on an expedition to the western islands. Pétr and Auða are helping their mother with the daily work. They are preparing lumber and charcoal for the townspeople and traders. The family bonds are strong and many family members visit them throughout the year.


Vigdis spend her childhood in a mountain village which was located at the end of a mountain spur. The vast wilderness started just beyond her village, which consisted of large uninhabited forests reaching as far as the eye could see. During the winter months these forests are a harsh place to live. Many of the people here are nomadic and pursue the large herds of reindeer and other game. The parents of Vigdis build their first small farm with vegetable garden next to a mountain slope. Variation and additional food needs came from hunting and gathering in the wild forests. Life was good and peaceful, but farming was very difficult in the hard soil. Once a year they traveled to the mid summer festivities of the nearest town which was some 50 kilometers away. Such a journey took about a few days or so, but a warm welcome was always given by their grandparents. The festivities lasted for a week during which they stayed at their parent's house.


Vikja heroes and heroines Valka the colorful


Valka is a colorful and elegant huntress who makes a living by trapping and hunting animals. She is of normal height, has long brown hair kept in braids and blue eyes. She wears a long padded jacket, two long leather boots and a dark green cloak. She has two trained dogs who help her track and chase prey. Valka is quick to assess a hunting situation and often has a solid plan in advance. Her trapping methods are elaborate and often cover a large area of forest. At home she uses wooden racks to dry the animal skins. She also has a small cabin to salt the meat and leave it to dry.

The family of Valka consists of 5 members. Her husband Málgeir is part of the village watch and works for the local jarl. Níels and Palmar help her mother with preparing the animal skins. Her daughter Páldís has a talent for making great things out of hides. Meat and hides are sold at the local markets this is often done by Páldís too. They live in a wooden house at the edge of the forest. Many of the houses in the village are scattered, only the houses close to the market area are huddled together.


Valka grew up as an orphan in a river town. She was taken care of by a friendly woman who ran an inn. Valka was offered boarding and food in exchange for work. Most of the time only two or three orphans were taken in to help at the inn. She met her future husband Málgeir here. He was a young huskarl warrior traveling around looking for a new allegiance. Valka and Málgeir decided to marry as soon as could be arranged. Their new home was constructed when Valka was still pregnant. A small but sturdy wooden house was constructed, build for the larger part by Málgeir's family members. After they had gathered decent furniture and other goods for the interior, they moved into their new home.


Vikja heroes and heroines Geirbjörn the venturesome


Geirbjörn is a scrupulous and venturesome hunter who makes a living by fishing and hunting. He is rather tall, has half long black hair and light brown eyes. He wears a short chainmail, two leg guards and a dark black cloak. Geirbjörn is a fearless climber and often picks the best vantage point to lay an ambush. He rides a strong horse and moves through inhospitable terrain rather quickly. He has a good sense of direction and his vision is infallible.

His family is made up of 3 members. Fjalldís his wife is a fisherwoman, his son Dýri is an apprentice to become a carpenter. They all live in a wooden house which overlooks a small bay. A stable and worplace is attached to the house on the east side. Fjalldís gets up early in the morning to check the fishing nets and do some angling. Dýri is in his third year of apprenticeship, soon he will finish and after that he wants start his own workplace.


Geirbjörn was born during a journey on a ship, when his parents were fleeing from a raid on their hometown. A rival jarl attacked their town because of a long standing feud. When the defenses were broken the people started fleeing en masse. As chaos and panic ensued his parents were able to reach their ship and rowed towards the open sea. They traveled to a village which was located on the other side of the channel. After a perilous journey they finally joined other family members. They were taken into their homes and after that settled here trying to pick up their lives again. Geirbjörn grew up here, he joined many hunting parties as a child and got acquainted with hunting practices. His uncle was particularly talented at hunting and taught him many clever ways. At the age of 20 he surpassed his uncle skillwise and became well-known for his hunting methods and practices.


Vikja heroes and heroines Framarr the shrewd


Framarr is a shrewd and strong blacksmith who acts as a quartermaster for the jarl. He is of average stature, has long dark blond hair kept in two large braids and light green-blue eyes. He wears padded vest without sleeves and has a large tattoo of Thor's hammer on both his lower arms. Framarr is fierce shieldwall adversary and has a powerful voice. He has a good sense of justice and his command is impeccable. He is able to make quick weapon and armor repairs with little resources and facilities.

Framarr's family consists of six members. Eydís his wife is a herder, his eldest son Baltr is a blacksmith apprentice. Mikkel and Bialfi help their father with buying ore and selling metal objects. Elina and Gylla help their mother and keep the house in order. The family lives in a longhouse which has a workplace on one end and a small stable on the other. Everyone is working hard during the day as there is always something to do. When Framarr is on a military campaign abroad his son Bar runs his father's smithy together with his brothers. Eydís stays close to the longhouse with the herd but goes up the mountain when the summers are hot. Eydís's parents live next door on a longhouse farm and hold a considerable number of slaves in service.


Framarr was born a slave and grew up in a small village. His master allowed him to work for a local blacksmith called Tygvr in exchange for iron weapons and tools. Tygvr was a kind man and taught him a number of different techniques of smithing. At the age of 17 the village got attacked by a raid and his master got killed in the events. He gained his freedom and fled together with other refugees to start a new life elsewhere. Among the refugees there was a woman called Eydís, she was going back to her family who lived in the northern lands. A small group of refugees split off and went together with Eydís to the north, Framarr choose to go with them. On their trek they got attacked by bandits repeatedly. He saved Eydís and the group several times from perilous situations. At their last attempt the bandit leader tripped and got caught by Framarr. With his throat at the tip of his seax the remaining bandits backed off. The refugees took the leader as their captive, to prevent the other bandits from attacking again. After talking to the bandit leader he agreed to exchange his freedom for silver. The leader took Framarr to his hidden stash in the woods. Framarr released the bandit, took the wooden box of silver and returned to the refugees. All people in the group agreed that the silver was rightfully gained. When the refugees arrived at the northern village they were given a warm welcome. Eydís's parents were very happy that their daughter had made it alive. In gratitude for saving her life Framarr was allowed to marry Eydís. Both were very happy and within a month the marriage was arranged. In the following months a new longhouse was being build for the happy couple largely financed by the box of silver.


Vikja heroes and heroines Yrsa the benevolent


Yrsa is a benevolent blacksmith who works independently for the local population whether rich or poor. She is tall, has light brown eyes and long red hair. She wears a padded shirt and a long leather apron with leather gloves. Yrsa is talented defender and has a persistent state of mind. She is able to make quality armor and excellent waterproof shields. She has a good heart and is always willing to help others. She has a home and workplace which lies on an island in the middle of a bog. Good quality bog iron can be traded for silver at her house, poor people love this as they can earn some silver when there is no work available elsewhere.

The family consists of seven members. Rúnar her husband is a woodcutter, he leads a small crew in the forest. Almost daily he brings back logs which can be used to make charcoal. Skapti, her son, is helping her with various smithing tasks as well as keeping the workplace clean. Rakel, her daughter, is running the household and sells iron tools once a week on the market. Yrsa also has 3 cats who walk around her home freely and keep the mice at bay. The whole family is happy and doing well yet they live somewhat isolated from the rest of the village.


Yrsa grew up in a loving family and never went far away from her village. She had always been a bit of an outlandish child with her red hair and her large appearance. As a child Yrsa was much taller then all the other children. When she was playing with her friends in the fields, she always tried to protect the smaller children from being treated unfairly. At the age of fifteen her mother died from a disease and since then she has taken care of the family as best as she could. Life was tough and earning a living was not easy in this part. One day a blacksmith called Merkúr arrived at the village and came to live here. He set up a workplace and started his own smithy. Merkúr was a big and tall man and had a great talent in making armor. He often got a commission from a noble to make a custom piece. Yrsa became very interested in his profession and asked him if she could help and learn from him. He accepted her proposal and she became his apprentice. Merkúr saw that she had enough talent and strength to do tasks on her own, for these she was given a bit of silver each month.


Vikja heroes and heroines Sigvin the loyal


Sigvin is a loyal shipwright who has been serving the local jarl for many years. She is of average height, has blue eyes and dark brown hair. She wears a long skirt and a short leather apron. She carries a hammer and seax on her belt at the side. Sigvin is precise carpenter and good organizer. She excels in what she does and has good skills in making ships waterproof. She works at the town dockyard and leads a small workforce.

The family of Sigvin has five members, her husband Ginnar and four daughters. They all live in a large trading town which is situated at the end of a fjord. Ginnar produces tar at their homestead, two daughters Hetha and Gunnr help him with the daily work. Ronog runs the household together with Skaði, both go the markets almost every day. The tar is being used at the dockyard but is also sold to people who come from further up the fjord.


The childhood of Sigvin was a happy one. Her father was a carpenter and her mother came from the shetland islands. Sigvin learned the shipwright profession from her uncle and her father. Her father was the jarl of this region and was interested in raiding overseas. He had a passion for building sturdy ships which could be used for raids and trade expeditions. He encouraged local manufacturing and ship materials trade, and attracted a number of shipwrights. The jarl had also initiated a building program for the harbor. The docks and dockyard were expanded to a considerable size and two wooden towers were added on each end. He also instructed to build a stone tower close to the top of a mountain, from here you could oversee the larger part of the fjord beyond the first bend. Sigvin was trained at the large dockyard and gained valuable knowledge from other shipwrights. The death of her father was a big blow to the whole community. He was given an impressive Viking sea funeral, Sigvin still vividly remembers the event.


Vikja heroes and heroines Hjalmarr the kind


Hjalmarr is a kind carpenter who has worked on houses and furniture for many years. He is not very tall, has grey-blue eyes and black-grey hair. He wears a light blue shirt and a broad leather belt. Hjalmarr is practical and meticulous with hammer and nail. He is able to construct a framework of a house within a few days. Hjalmarr is a wise person and a member of the Thing or assembly. An anual meeting is held close to his hometown, here talks about Viking law, justice and politics take place.

The family of Hjalmarr has four members consisting of his wife, his son and daughter. The family lives in a sizeable longhouse together with a number of thralls. Rønnou, his wife, runs the household and is supported by two ambatt (= slaves). Týr, his son, works on the fields with six thralls. The family owns a large plot of land which has a vegetable garden, pastures and woodland. Sóma, her daughter, is working together with her father and two other thralls in the carpenter workshop. The family treats the slaves well, they have their own living quarters within the longhouse which is adjacent to the barn.


Hjalmarr was born in a high status family. He grew up in a wealthy environment and his friends were mostly from the higher noble classes. His father was a member of the Thing and he was respected for his wisdom and battle hardness. He earned this respect during an epic battle between the Geats and Swedes. He was a leader and part of the central contingent, a group of veteran warriors that had earned a good reputation. He was one of the few who survived the battle still standing. The king awarded him a plot of land and a place among the national assembly.


Vikja heroes and heroines Eitill the stonemason


Eitill is a muscular and strong stone mason who provides stone for buildings, burials and sacred places. He is of average height, very sturdy and has long light brown hair with a few braids on the side. He has dark blue eyes, wears a padded vest and uses long armguards. He has a friendly attitude and is sometimes funny, but he can very serious when he works on burial stones. He can wield a hammer and long axe with great skill. He has a taste for mead and women and often goes to the nearest tavern to drink and have fun.


Eitill has a large family consisting of thirteen members. He has a wife called Geirvǫr, five daughters and three sons. He owns two longhouses a large and a small one. The household of the large one is run by Geirvǫr and two daughters called Mette and Ráðveig. The small longhouse is run by Ketilvé, a concubine who has given Eitill two sons and one daughter. Two sons Sandulfr and Skógr work with their father in the quarry and carve stones in his workshop. Both longhouses are situated next to each other, the farmland starts where the courtyard ends. Wheat and barley are being harvested in the fields. A quarry lies against a hill slope some 500 meters away. They use carts with oxen to move stone to and from the workplace which is in a separate building next to the large longhouse.


Eitill grew up in a village next to the hills. His parents were considered wealthy, he inherited their estate when he was still very young. His uncle, named Unnarr, ran the place for a few years until he became of age. Unnarr had learned a new trade called stone masonry in a country abroad and taught Eitill some of the skills. When his uncle died Eitill burried him next to his parents. Soon after his death he started working on a large stone and carved runes across. He moved the stone next to the graves in remembrance of his parents and uncle. A passing noble saw the large stone and asked if he could make one for him and so his career in stone masonry started.


Vikja heroes and heroines Månstråle the brave


Månstråle is an insightful and brave ore miner who has worked many days below the ground. She is small in stature, has blue eyes and light brown braided hair. She is agile, quick on her feet and has excellent climbing skills. Månstråle is able to find interesting rock features below- as well as underground. She likes to do a bit of exploring in caves, mountains and marsh lands. Månstråle feels less comfortable in large crowds and often shows up at markets when less people are around.


Månstråle has a small family which consists of her husband and two daughters. The family owns a small longhouse at the edge of the village. Fjǫlnir her husband runs the household together with her daughters called Katrina and Laina. Månstråle has a dog and a cart which is pulled by a pony. Most of her equipment is carried by the pony, her dog keeps watch when she is mining or searching for bog iron. She and her husband operate a small workshop in which they produce metal ingots for the market.


Månstråle was born under a full moon during a blót. Her mother saw it as a sign of the gods and took special care of her as a baby. Later she became fond and very protective of the child and hardly left her side. Månstråle had very few friends but tried to keep up with the rest of the village. Kjalle was her closest friend and they always tried to wander off and explore the countryside. One day they had found a deep pit, Kjalle went down with a rope but got stuck. Månstråle warned his parents who came quickly to the rescue. Kjalle was freed after a few hours and got unharmed out of the ordeal.