Vikja heroes and heroines Gamli the gentle


Gamli is a quick and gentle archer who has protected his clan and village for several years. He is tall, has blue-grey eyes, light blond hair and a small tattoo on his arm. He can fire arrows with his left as well as his right. He is part of the village watch and often goes on patrol in the surrounding lands.

He has three daughters, one son and a wife, called Unna. His wife together with their son and daughters run a small inn in the center of the village. It's the only inn within fourty kilometers so visitors are quite common. They serve food and drinks and have 5 rooms upstairs for guests. Reifnir, their son, also attends weekly patrols together with his father. Family hunting and gathering food is often done at times when there are hardly any guests at the inn.


Gamli was born in this village. His father had won a number of small tournaments as an archer. He taught Gamli the way of an archer when he grew up. As a result Gamli became an excellent marksman too just like his father. The village watch has hired him to strengthen their archery contingent. He now trains other men the way of the bow. Gamli became well known to the villagers when he single handedly disarmed a group of scum at the market. They were unwilling to pay for some goods to the trader which ended in violence. He acted quickly and knocked down a few of the men while the others yielded to him afterwards.

Nowadays Gamli is leading a small contingent of archers on their patrols. He has been asked by his jarl many times to join his raids to distant lands. The jarl offers him good payment and additionally he is allowed to keep his share of the raided loot. He likes adventure and he travels a lot into the wilderness whenever he can. Unna is not always happy about it and works hard at the inn to try and earn extra silver.

Gamli's primary skills are accuracy and firing, his secondary skills are hunting and combat maneuvers. Gamli owns an inn at the center of the village. He has a good axe, bow and seax. For protection he uses a shield and a metal helmet. He owns 7 silver and has a monthly income of 4 silver.


Vikja attributes icons status 4 status
Vikja attributes icons attack 11 attack
Vikja attributes icons defense 7 defense
Vikja attributes icons concentration 15 concentration
Vikja attributes icons movement 4 movement
Vikja attributes icons endurance 13 endurance
Vikja skill icons accuracy +2 accuracy
Vikja skill firing.jpg +1 firing
Vikja skill icons hunting +1 hunting
Vikja skill icons maneuver +2 maneuvers
Basic attributes
Vikja basic attributes icons shield -1|2 shield
Vikja basic attributes icons armor +1 helmet 
Vikja basic attributes icons chainmail    
Vikja basic attributes icons life 20 life
Vikja basic attributes icons wounds 4 wounds
Weapons & Items
  D+3 bow
  D+3 axe
  D+2 seax


  • Vikja asset icons title
  • Vikja asset icons income
    7 silver