Vikja heroes and heroines Geirbjörn the venturesome


Geirbjörn is a scrupulous and venturesome hunter who makes a living by fishing and hunting. He is rather tall, has half long black hair and light brown eyes. He wears a short chainmail, two leg guards and a dark black cloak. Geirbjörn is a fearless climber and often picks the best vantage point to lay an ambush. He rides a strong horse and moves through inhospitable terrain rather quickly. He has a good sense of direction and his vision is infallible.

His family is made up of 3 members. Fjalldís his wife is a fisherwoman, his son Dýri is an apprentice to become a carpenter. They all live in a wooden house which overlooks a small bay. A stable and worplace is attached to the house on the east side. Fjalldís gets up early in the morning to check the fishing nets and do some angling. Dýri is in his third year of apprenticeship, soon he will finish and after that he wants start his own workplace.


Geirbjörn was born during a journey on a ship, when his parents were fleeing from a raid on their hometown. A rival jarl attacked their town because of a long standing feud. When the defenses were broken the people started fleeing en masse. As chaos and panic ensued his parents were able to reach their ship and rowed towards the open sea. They traveled to a village which was located on the other side of the channel. After a perilous journey they finally joined other family members. They were taken into their homes and after that settled here trying to pick up their lives again. Geirbjörn grew up here, he joined many hunting parties as a child and got acquainted with hunting practices. His uncle was particularly talented at hunting and taught him many clever ways. At the age of 20 he surpassed his uncle skillwise and became well-known for his hunting methods and practices.


Presently Geirbjörn has joined a group of settlers, who want to establish a new hamlet in the dense forest some 60 kilometers away. He has been asked to help them with getting food and supplies, while they are building houses. The location of the new hamlet is in the middle of the wilderness along a brook. The area boasts two important resources namely copper and tar. There are lots of large pine trees which can provide a good quality of tar. The trees had been tested a few months earlier before the settlers decided to come here. The process of requiring tar is labor intensive but worth the effort as it will fetch a good price at the nearest markets.


Geirbjörn has good skills in hunting and fishing, his secondary skill is tracking. He owns a house, a small skute and two horses. Geirbjörn wears a light chainmail and carries a shield. His weapons consist of a bow, a long axe and seax. He owns 8 silver and has an income of 6 silver a month.


Vikja attributes icons status 4 status
Vikja attributes icons attack 11 attack
Vikja attributes icons defense 8 defense
Vikja attributes icons concentration 13 concentration
Vikja attributes icons movement 4 movement
Vikja attributes icons endurance 13 endurance
Vikja skill icons hunting +3 hunting
Vikja skill fishing +2 fishing
Vikja skill icons tracking +1 tracking
Basic attributes
Vikja basic attributes icons shield -1|2 shield 
Vikja basic attributes icons armor    
Vikja basic attributes icons chainmail +2 chainmail 
Vikja basic attributes icons life 20 life
Vikja basic attributes icons wounds 4 wounds
Weapons & Items
  D+3 bow
  D+4 long axe
  D+2 seax


  • Vikja asset icons title
  • Vikja asset icons income
    6 silver