Vikja heroes and heroines Sigvin the loyal


Sigvin is a loyal shipwright who has been serving the local jarl for many years. She is of average height, has blue eyes and dark brown hair. She wears a long skirt and a short leather apron. She carries a hammer and seax on her belt at the side. Sigvin is precise carpenter and good organizer. She excels in what she does and has good skills in making ships waterproof. She works at the town dockyard and leads a small workforce.

The family of Sigvin has five members, her husband Ginnar and four daughters. They all live in a large trading town which is situated at the end of a fjord. Ginnar produces tar at their homestead, two daughters Hetha and Gunnr help him with the daily work. Ronog runs the household together with Skaði, both go the markets almost every day. The tar is being used at the dockyard but is also sold to people who come from further up the fjord.


The childhood of Sigvin was a happy one. Her father was a carpenter and her mother came from the shetland islands. Sigvin learned the shipwright profession from her uncle and her father. Her father was the jarl of this region and was interested in raiding overseas. He had a passion for building sturdy ships which could be used for raids and trade expeditions. He encouraged local manufacturing and ship materials trade, and attracted a number of shipwrights. The jarl had also initiated a building program for the harbor. The docks and dockyard were expanded to a considerable size and two wooden towers were added on each end. He also instructed to build a stone tower close to the top of a mountain, from here you could oversee the larger part of the fjord beyond the first bend. Sigvin was trained at the large dockyard and gained valuable knowledge from other shipwrights. The death of her father was a big blow to the whole community. He was given an impressive Viking sea funeral, Sigvin still vividly remembers the event.


At the moment Sigvin is constructing good quality ships for the nobles. The town has grown into a regional center of shipbuilding. Despite being a woman she is much respected among her fellow shipwrights. Today is an important day as the king is coming to inspect his new ships. So far progress has been steady and no major issues have occurred. He will probably admire the bow as the wood has been carved with his crest. The king has organized a large expedition, one group is going to supply existing colonies while the other is going to colonize areas of  uninhabited lands.


Sigvin has good skills in shipbuilding and repair, her secondary skills are navigation and making tar. She possesses a snekkja which is docked at the harbor. She also owns a small longhouse close to the dockyard. Sigvin wears a padded shirt and uses a broad shield. Her favorite weapons are the bow, axe and seax. She owns 14 silver and has an income of 9 silver a month.


Vikja attributes icons status 4 status
Vikja attributes icons attack 9 attack
Vikja attributes icons defense 9 defense
Vikja attributes icons concentration 13 concentration
Vikja attributes icons movement 4 movement
Vikja attributes icons endurance 13 endurance
Vikja skill icons shipbuilding +3 shipbuilding
Vikja skill carpentry +2 carpentry
Vikja skill icons repair +2 repair
Vikja skill icons tar +1 tar
Basic attributes
Vikja basic attributes icons shield -1|2 shield 
Vikja basic attributes icons armor    
Vikja basic attributes icons chainmail    
Vikja basic attributes icons life 20 life
Vikja basic attributes icons wounds 4 wounds
Weapons & Items
  D+3 bow
  D+3 axe
  D+2 seax


  • Vikja asset icons title
  • Vikja asset icons income
    9 silver