Vikja heroes and heroines Yrsa the benevolent


Yrsa is a benevolent blacksmith who works independently for the local population whether rich or poor. She is tall, has light brown eyes and long red hair. She wears a padded shirt and a long leather apron with leather gloves. Yrsa is talented defender and has a persistent state of mind. She is able to make quality armor and excellent waterproof shields. She has a good heart and is always willing to help others. She has a home and workplace which lies on an island in the middle of a bog. Good quality bog iron can be traded for silver at her house, poor people love this as they can earn some silver when there is no work available elsewhere.

The family consists of seven members. Rúnar her husband is a woodcutter, he leads a small crew in the forest. Almost daily he brings back logs which can be used to make charcoal. Skapti, her son, is helping her with various smithing tasks as well as keeping the workplace clean. Rakel, her daughter, is running the household and sells iron tools once a week on the market. Yrsa also has 3 cats who walk around her home freely and keep the mice at bay. The whole family is happy and doing well yet they live somewhat isolated from the rest of the village.


Yrsa grew up in a loving family and never went far away from her village. She had always been a bit of an outlandish child with her red hair and her large appearance. As a child Yrsa was much taller then all the other children. When she was playing with her friends in the fields, she always tried to protect the smaller children from being treated unfairly. At the age of fifteen her mother died from a disease and since then she has taken care of the family as best as she could. Life was tough and earning a living was not easy in this part. One day a blacksmith called Merkúr arrived at the village and came to live here. He set up a workplace and started his own smithy. Merkúr was a big and tall man and had a great talent in making armor. He often got a commission from a noble to make a custom piece. Yrsa became very interested in his profession and asked him if she could help and learn from him. He accepted her proposal and she became his apprentice. Merkúr saw that she had enough talent and strength to do tasks on her own, for these she was given a bit of silver each month.


Currently Yrsa is a skillful blacksmith who provides the local population with tools, armor and shields. Every year she gets commissions for a large number of objects. Most of the time she gets them at the end of winter or beginning of spring when most Viking warriors are preparing for expeditions and raids. This year she has been given a commission to make fourty shields. These need to be finished within a month or two. Her husband Rúnar is working overtime in getting the right amount of materials. He needs planks, glue and wax to construct a layered shield. At the same time Yrsa is making the metal parts of shield rims and bosses. The noble will check the progress of the work as it will be important that his warriors have time to train with the shields before going into battle.


Yrsa has good skills in armor forging and hunting, her secondary skill is armor repair. She owns a house and has build a forge in front of it. Yrsa wears a chainmail, helmet and uses a sturdy shield. Her favorite weapons are a throwing axe, an axe and seax. He owns 9 silver and has an income of 6 silver a month.


Vikja attributes icons status 4 status
Vikja attributes icons attack 9 attack
Vikja attributes icons defense 10 defense
Vikja attributes icons concentration 12 concentration
Vikja attributes icons movement 4 movement
Vikja attributes icons endurance 12 endurance
Vikja skill forging armor +2 forging armor
Vikja skill forging weapons +2 forging tools
Vikja skill icons hunting +2 hunting
Vikja skill icons forging +1 metal repair
Vikja skill icons maneuvers +1 maneuvers
Basic attributes
Vikja basic attributes icons shield -1|2 shield 
Vikja basic attributes icons armor  +1 helmet 
Vikja basic attributes icons chainmail +3 chainmail 
Vikja basic attributes icons life 20 life
Vikja basic attributes icons wounds 4 wounds
Weapons & Items
  D+3 axe
  D+3 axe
  D+2 seax


  • Vikja asset icons title
  • Vikja asset icons income
    6 silver