The villain characters are special and represent the antagonist or anti-hero in Vikja. The villains that have been created scale up in difficulty. Most of them have higher attributes, extra skills and assets in comparison to the heroes & heroines section. Villains are set up to be dynamic and flexible, they can be added as side quest to a bigger story or they can be the main story themselves. It is thus possible to select your favorite group of villains and use them all to play against.


Another important aspect of villains is that they can be played by a player, similar to the function of a game master which can be a lot of fun. That is the game master controls the dealings of the villain within his or her scope. The hideout or location has to be noted down beforehand, so that it can be verified at the end. The track mechanic will proceed as normal, but the game master decides the direction towards the location if there are more valid options.


Vikja characters card Laretta


Laretta is a shieldmaiden gone rogue. She is a skilled warrior and has some loyal henchmen who follow her leadership through thick and thin. She is of average height and has blue colored eyes. Her hair is reddish in color and kept in braids.

Her family was killed in a fire at home, during the event she escaped the flames by climbing through a hole in the roof. Her parents and her little brothers were not able to escape the fires so quickly. She left her devasted home and found a new one on an island. After years of hard work she craved an ambition for adventure and managed to build a sturdy hidden tower close to the coast.

Not so long ago she got hold of a small ship through wits and thievery and used it to launch nightly raids along the coast. During her raids she picked up several followers and with their help she was able to organize her raids much better. After she had stolen her first piece of jewelry a craving for small precious objects emerged. Now she is trying to hoard precious objects for herself. Her loyal followers adore her and her infamy has grown beyond the regional borders. Most combat maneuvers she has picked up by practicing and her talent for leadership is a natural one. Currently she and her henchmen live in and around the tower, her ships are moored in a small bay which is hidden from view.


Vikja characters card Ronjar


Ronjar is a captain of a snekkja and leads a loyal crew. He is tall and muscled, has light colored hair and brown eyes. He is quite talkative and is often thinking about his next attack. His family consists of his wife, two sons and one daughter. He tries to visit his family as often as he can between his raids. When he does return home he supports them with goods, valuable loot and other things.

He grew up in a fishermen's village close to one of the bigger settlements in the northlands. From a young age he watched ships passing by and dreamt of being a famous captain. By chance he discovered a wrecked ship near an island close to a rocky cliff. He salvaged a lot of parts of this ship and was able to bring them back home. Together with his two uncles he was able to construct a ship from the salvaged parts, it was not as large as the former and a number of new parts were needed to complete it.

Before he came of age he had already travelled a number of times aboard their newly constructed snekkja. When both his uncles died during a raid he inherited the snekkja ship. He got married with a lovely wife and build a new home on an island near the coast. At one point food and metals became scarce as the island and the town were cut off from trade due to a chieftain feud. Times were rough to make ends meet and he started a pirate adventure in the local waters to evade the blockade. At the moment he does regular trade as well as small scale pirating, which often occur during dawn or dusk. He is very cautious when attacking and is not keen on getting caught by the local forces.

Vikja characters card Kjalle


Kjalle is the leader of a small group of brigands. He is a skilled scout and horseman. His hair is brownish blond and he has one brown and one green colored eye. He has a small but sturdy stature and he likes the finer tastes of foods when it comes to his eating habits. He is a born leader and excels in small skirmishes and ambushes.

Kjalle has a small family which consists of a daughter, a wife and a dog. They live in a hut close to the edge of the forest in a small mountain village. The village is situated near several trade routes running through the mountain ranges. A lot of villagers practice the art of hunting and make leather objects out of animal skins.

Kjalle was growing up near the forest where his father had been the head of a village. During a bear hunt his father was struck by it's claws and got severely wounded. After 2 weeks on the sickbed he died of internal bleedings and gangrene. As Kjalle was too young to follow in his father's footsteps another warrior took over the position of village leader. Kjalle was unable to retake this position of honour ever since. After some bitter disputes with the new village leader he and some friends started a brigandry group deep in the forest. Soon after the formation took place a number of incidents started happening in the surrounding trade routes. The brigands have been given orders to disrupt some of the activities carried out by the current head of the village as Kjalle wants to retake his position.

Vikja characters card Sveinn


Sveinn is a travelling merchant. He is strong, greedy and leads a small trade caravan. He is bald and has a brown reddish beard, his eyes are light brown of color. His posture is big, somewhat fat but muscled at the same time. He carries a long heavy axe and uses a heavy shield when in combat.

He has a family in a coastal town and travels a lot over land and sea to make a living. He does not see his wife, two sons and three daughters very often as his travels prevent him from staying in his home town. As a merchant he has a number of trade contracts that are bound to him. In these contracts he needs to deliver goods to his customers every few months.


Sveinn grew up in a bustling town, learning how to trade from his father at a young age. When his father died he took over the business and continued travelling the paths they used to take. He was bringing regular supplies of tar and weapons to lands far away, he did not mind whether the rulers were good- or bad natured. Occasionally he got a special request in which he needed to deliver secret information, most of the time this had to be done in person.

At the moment Sveinn has taken a dubious path and is close to being corrupted by wealth and power. He has taken on a secret mission to spy on an infamous ruler. If he succeeds on getting the information about the enemy stronghold he will be rewarded substantially. His employer is about to engage in open warfare to overthrow the ruler from 'his' lands.

Sveinn is a good trader and a strong warrior. He travels about in a caravan with several carts and horses. The men in the caravan are mostly staying together to keep their goods and themselves well protected. His primary skills are hitting and establishing trade routes; his secondary skill is combat maneuvering. In one versus one combat Sveinn can be a hard hitter in which he tries to severely wound his opponent quickly before the finishing blow. Players need to be careful in trying to defeat him as he has ways to get around normal defenses.

Vikja characters card Morena


Morena is a knowledgeable and experienced völva. She has great authority in the surrounding lands and is also the village elder. She has long white hair with braids and a long blue cloak. Her eyes are brown-greenish in color. She always carries a long staff and a number of pouches at her belt.

Morena does not have a family, instead she runs a small village and one of the more important sacred places in the region. A small group of body guards is accompanying her at all times. She keeps a small flock of ravens, which she trains to send messages and help her in other ways.


Morena had been living on a remote island before she came to this village. Her mother had been educating her to become a völva and she helped her mother to carry out rituals for nobles and common folk alike. One day after a ritual ceremony she was asked to work for a high regarded noble. She agreed on the position as a priestess and moved to a sacred place on his lands. After several years of dedicated service she became a trusted advisor of the village elder who lived close by. When the village elder died without any heir she was appointed by the local althing and inherited the position.

Vikja characters villain card Yngvar


Yngvar is a shrewd clan leader of a small coastal town. He runs the town with an iron fist to great discontentment of the local population. He has blue eyes and long blond brownish hair. He carries an axe with him at all times and is not afraid to use it when someone disagrees to his ideas.

He has a large family consisting of 5 children and a proud wife. However he also reveals a darker side, he likes to visit his slave women and keeps a couple of them close by. Some of them are being abused and others are being ordered around all day till exhaustion kicks in. There are occasional escape attempts among the slaves who simply want to get away. However when they get caught in the attempt a horrible punishment has to be faced. The unlucky ones will be tied up at ebb to an iron ring on a skerry. If they survive a single night and day they will be set free. When that happens Yngvar tells the people that the gods have spoken in favor of their fate. However hardly anyone has survived this ordeal, as the sea is often relentless in these parts.


Yngvar grew up in the town he now rules, his father was a wealthy but stubborn man and had been the clan leader for over a decade. Yngvar was eager to follow in his father's footsteps. After ten years his patience ran out and could not wait any longer. So he set up a scheme to kill his father in what looked like a tragic accident. The event occurred while his father was travelling from his great hall to one of the outer villages. On the road his cart and horse got hit by a boulder from the mountain side. This boulder had been carefully prepared by Yngvar himself, and it was he who pushed it down the slope when his father passed by. Luckily for him no one had seen him as he left the scene. He rode back to the great hall waiting for the bad news to arrive.

Vikja characters villain card Jokull


Jökull is a captain of a large fort close to a river. He is not too tall has red hair and a large braided beard. His eyes are greenish-brown and his voice is strong and hard. He often uses a long spear and shield in combat.

He has a small family consisting of his wife and two sons. He also keeps a pack of dogs to accompany him. All family members live at the fort, which is situated on a large hill looking out over the river.


Jökull's childhood had been a terrible one, his father and mother drowned at sea while he was rescued. Two men on a small fishing boat picked him up close to the shore. He was brought up by one of the fishermen that rescued him but he treated him like a slave. He was bound to do chores all day until he was exhausted. Many other people in town did not like Jökull either, and he was often bullied by the larger kids during his childhood. He found some companionship with a few stray dogs and often played with them in the hills. One day when he was almost reaching adulthood he left during the night and fled over the hills with his dogs to find a new home. He joined a small brigandry group and after many years worked his way up to become their leader. He then set up a plan to conquer a small fort and succeeded in his efforts.

Vikja characters villain card Elenóra


Elenóra is the wife of the infamous jarl Rex. She is a sharp-witted woman with long blond hair and dark blue eyes. She has practiced a lot of combat skills and knows her way around with dagger and bow. She helps her husband with his daily affairs, although she does have her own schemes running as well.

Her family is somewhat large consisting of seven members in total. She has three daughters of ages 12, 9 and 5 and three sons of ages 9, 7 and 5. There are 2 pair of twins both a boy and a girl. All her sons have joined combat training, while her daughters started practicing archery very young. Her husband Rex got knocked over the head during a fierce battle and has suffered from amnesia ever after, he never fully recovered from it so it would seem.


Elenóra grew up in a rich wealthy family. Her father was a renowned huskarl who was in service of the local jarl, after many battles he got rewarded. He was allowed to marry off his daughter to Rex the jarl's son. He accepted this honour and his daughter Elenóra had become the wife of Rex the future ruler. When the jarl eventually died his eldest son took over. Rex was not popular among his people, he loved setting up raids to unkown lands and liked scheming behind the back of the king. After he got hit on the head he was never the same, his amnesia was an excellent opportunity for Elenóra to make him her puppet. As Elenóra kept the amnesia alive by sedating him with a strong substance. She made this drug in substantial quantities and mixed it with his food almost daily. She cleverly stays in the room with him alone when he gets his dinner.

Vikja characters villain card Valdemar


Valdemar the sea jarl is an ambitious noble who seeks to extend his domain of influence. He is tall, has long blond hair and brown eyes. He is quite agile and has a keen eye for new opportunities.

His family consists of his wife Lorraine and four children, two girls aged 15 and 12, and two boys aged 13 and 17. All family members live in the great hall which is extended with additional buildings. The hall is lavishly decorated and is guarded by his best huskarls. He also keeps a significant number of horses in the stables for travel and trade.

Valdemar grew up in the town he now rules. His father, the previous jarl, was a calm man. He focussed on building a network of trails, roads and cairns keeping them in good condition. The town harbor was also an important project for him. He expanded the docks from time to time and increased security in the surrounding area. Valdemar's father died at the old age of 60 and was given an elaborate viking funeral. His son took over the domain and kept the achievements of his father alive.

Vikja characters villain card Mjölnir


Mjölnir is a devious king of a petty kingdom. He is a tall and strong man, has brown hair, green eyes and a scar across his face. He controls his territory with an iron fist. He uses slaves for his mines and has set up a large slave market in his capital. He attracts and employs criminals and bandits to attack and disrupt his neighbouring lands to retrieve slaves needed to run his kingdom.

The small family of Mjölnir consists of his second wife and two sons. They all live at his powerful mountain fort. His parents and former family all died a long time ago in a poisoning attempt. He was targeted as well but was lucky as by chance his plate had been switched with unaffected food. Seeing his family members die that night has made him vengeful and very suspicious.

Mjölnir grew up in a small village in the mountains. His father was a hunter and woodcutter and his mother ran a small shop. They lived at the edge of the village close to the forest. He often went with his father into the woods to help out. When he became 17 years of age, a viking noble arrived at their house. He spoke to his parents and thanked them very generously with all kinds of gifts. Not knowing what was happening Mjölnir asked why that man was here to thank his parents. The noble explained that he was the son and heir of a small kingdom far away. His father, the king, had died in a recent battle and therefore he came here to take him back to his new kingdom. His parents turned out to be his foster parents and had been given the king's son to raise in a safe environment.