Vikja characters card Sveinn


Sveinn is a travelling merchant. He is strong, greedy and leads a small trade caravan. He is bald and has a brown reddish beard, his eyes are light brown of color. His posture is big, somewhat fat but muscled at the same time. He carries a long heavy axe and uses a heavy shield when in combat.

He has a family in a coastal town and travels a lot over land and sea to make a living. He does not see his wife, two sons and three daughters very often as his travels prevent him from staying in his home town. As a merchant he has a number of trade contracts that are bound to him. In these contracts he needs to deliver goods to his customers every few months.


Sveinn grew up in a bustling town, learning how to trade from his father at a young age. When his father died he took over the business and continued travelling the paths they used to take. He was bringing regular supplies of tar and weapons to lands far away, he did not mind whether the rulers were good- or bad natured. Occasionally he got a special request in which he needed to deliver secret information, most of the time this had to be done in person.

At the moment Sveinn has taken a dubious path and is close to being corrupted by wealth and power. He has taken on a secret mission to spy on an infamous ruler. If he succeeds on getting the information about the enemy stronghold he will be rewarded substantially. His employer is about to engage in open warfare to overthrow the ruler from 'his' lands.

Sveinn is a good trader and a strong warrior. He travels about in a caravan with several carts and horses. The men in the caravan are mostly staying together to keep their goods and themselves well protected. His primary skills are hitting and establishing trade routes; his secondary skill is combat maneuvering. In one versus one combat Sveinn can be a hard hitter in which he tries to severely wound his opponent quickly before the finishing blow. Players need to be careful in trying to defeat him as he has ways to get around normal defenses.


Sveinn has 3 carts and 8 horses in total for him and his henchmen. He has several trade route contracts, four cards can be picked randomly from the land routes. He owns 20 silver and has an income of 10 silver. As he has no hideout he needs to be tracked continuously until the players have found him.


Vikja attributes icons status 4 status
Vikja attributes icons attack 11 attack
Vikja attributes icons defense 10 defense
Vikja attributes icons concentration 13 concentration
Vikja attributes icons movement 4 movement
Vikja attributes icons endurance 14 endurance
Vikja skill icons trade routes +3 trade routes
Vikja skill icons hits +2 hits
Vikja skill icons maneuver +2 maneuver
Basic attributes
Vikja basic attributes icons shield -2|3 shield
Vikja basic attributes icons armor    
Vikja basic attributes icons chainmail +3 mail
Vikja basic attributes icons life 20 life
Vikja basic attributes icons wounds 4 wounds
Weapons & Items
  2D+1 long axe
  D+2 seax


  • Vikja asset icons title
  • Vikja asset icons income
    10 silver
  • Vikja asset icons henchman
    3 regular
    +2 per player
  • Vikja asset icons warband
    5 karl guards
  • Vikja asset icons informant
    1 regular



Sveinn has at least 5 henchmen in his trade group, sometimes he uses a scout to see ahead. No members leave the caravan at any time, only for scouting and foraging. Extra guards are hired when they think they are followed or when they move very valuable cargo. The henchmen have average fighting capabilities and plenty of social skills to strike a bargain.


Vikja attributes icons attack Vikja attributes icons defense Vikja attributes icons concentration Vikja attributes icons movement Vikja attributes icons endurance
10 10 12 5 14
attack defense concentration movement endurance
Vikja basic attributes icons shield Vikja basic attributes icons armor Vikja basic attributes icons life Vikja basic attributes icons wounds     
-1|2 +1 20 4 D+3 D+3
shield helmet life wounds axe bow


Scenarios & quests

Sveinn the merchant warrior is the fourth tutorial scenario. The difficulty can be challenging when tracking him down as he is always on the move. The number of henchmen and assets scale with number of players. Preferably the starting area for players is Scotland or Denmark, although the map area can be adjusted to the player needs to suit duration. Preferable starting areas for Svein are Sweden, Norway or Denmark. A special measure is taken by Sveinn if players are close by and following him. Extra guards will be hired to protect the caravan; this event is triggered when players are 1 location away and at a 50% dice roll success.

He can also be added as a villain as a side quest of another main story.

Scenario-Quest Sveinn the merchant warrior
Players 1-7
Difficulty 4
Type track and capture
Area Sweden / Norway / Denmark
Henchmen +2 per player