Vikja item seax

Vikja attributes icons hits 1+2 damage
Vikja attributes icons defense -2 defense
Vikja attributes icons break +3 break
Vikja attributes icons value 2 value

The term seax is specifically used for a type of sword or dagger typical of the Germanic peoples of the Migration period and the Early Middle Ages. The weapon was probably intended as a side arm. Amongst the shape and construction of seaxes there is a great deal of variation.


The most frequent characteristics are:

  • a tang in the centerline of the blade, inserted into an organic hilt
  • a large single-edged blade
  • the blade is worn horizontally inside a scabbard attached to the belt, with the edge of the blade upwards

Source: Wikipedia: Seax


The attributes of the seax are pretty decent. The hit throw is 1D+2 resulting in a number of hit points between 2 and 6. The weapon has a slight disadvantage for defense which is -2 on the basic statistic. The weapon can be used with one hand only. The chance that the blade will break is 20%. The distance class is close combat only and therefore a bit more difficult to use effectively. A number of maneuvers cannot be done with the seax for example shield cleaver or riposte. It remains a good weapon as a last defense when all other weapons have been lost or broken.