Vikja item spear

Vikja attributes icons hits D+3 damage
Vikja attributes icons attack +1 attack
Vikja attributes icons defense -1 defense
Vikja attributes icons break +5 break
Vikja icons fishing +1 fishing
Vikja icons hunting +1 hunting
Vikja attributes icons value 6 value

The Viking spear was the most commonly used weapon in the Viking age. During this time, spear heads took many forms. Some spear heads had 'wings' on the lower end of the head. These are called barbed spears, which were useful for a variety of tricks.


The spearheads were made of iron and were constructed using pattern welding techniques. Spearheads were fixed to wooden shafts using a rivet, their total length was between 2 to 3 meters long. Spears could be thrown but it was foremost a thrusting weapon.


Some counter attacks with sword and shield were aimed at breaking the shaft of the spear rendering it somewhat useless. Another clever counter was done by using a shield. The fighter would adopt the stance with the inside ward (positioning his shield on the right side) and when the spearman would thrust the defender would move the shield to the outside ward (swing his shield from right to the left side) deflecting the thrust.

Source: Hurstwic: Viking Spear


The attributes of the spear are good. The hit throw is 1D+3 with one hand. The total of hit points is therefore between 3 and 7. The weapon has a slight advantage when attacking from melee range +1, but a disadvantage of -1 for defending. The spear can be used with one hand only. The weapon can only be used in one distance class namely melee (M). Many maneuvers can be chosen for the spear and there are good options for tactics in larger groups.