Vikja item card sword

Vikja attributes icons hits 1+4 damage
Vikja attributes icons break +3 break
Vikja attributes icons value 35 value

The sword is one of the best and balanced weapons for melee combat. Sword blades were primarily produced by the technique of pattern welding, also known as 'false Damascus' steel. The Viking sword was a development derived from the Merovingian sword. Blade length varied from 71 to 84 centimetres. Many swords had a fuller running the full length of the blade, it reduces the weight of the blade without compromising its strength (see straight line across the sword blade on the right). Early examples have a single fuller, later examples have multiple narrow fullers. All swords have short single-handed hilts with an iron pommel which is triangle, lobed or hat styled.

Source: Wikipedia: Viking sword


The attributes of a sword are quite balanced. It has a hit throw of 1D+4 which can have a range of 4 to 8 hit points. There are no disadvantages on attack or defense and the weapon is generally used with one hand only. The hilt is simply too short to be used with both hands. The chance that the weapon will break is small, only 15% using the D20 die. The distance class of the weapon is melee only, so it cannot be used in any other class.