Vikja item torch

Vikja attributes icons hits 1+3* damage
Vikja attributes icons defense -1 defense
Vikja attributes icons break +4 break
Vikja attributes icons search +2-4 search
Vikja attributes icons hide -2-4 hide
Vikja attributes icons value 2 value

A torch can be used as a weapon (similar to a club) as well as a means to make light. It makes certain actions more succesful but also diminishes skill values. It adds +2 to search during daytime, +3 during dusk or dawn and +4 during night time. The effect is reversable for the hide skill. It decreases hiding by -2 during daytime, -3 during dusk or dawn en -4 during night time. When searching in caves a torch is invaluable as it adds +4 to the search skill.

The attributes of the torch are reasonable. The hit throw is 1D+3, the total amount of hit points is therefore between 3 and 7 (+3 only when it is lit, otherwise +2). The weapon can only be used in the melee (M) distance class. The torch has some options for maneuvers and there are also some options for tactical play like setting things on fire.