Game overview

Vikja is a hybrid board game with opportunities for classic role play set in the Viking world. The game can be played by 1-10 players for ages 12 and up. A normal game takes about 30-60 minutes when playing with 1 to 4 players. Vikja is a cooperative game in which you do a quest together and try to defeat villains and other menaces. The solo variant plays exactly the same as the cooperative game but is more challenging and takes more time to finish.

As a player you are a Viking who strifes to gain resources, items, titles, allies and power. You must complete a chosen quest while trying to survive in the Viking world. You battle against other humans, dangerous animals and the natural elements. Vikja tries to give you an immersive story which can unravel in different ways, prepare for a unique journey.


Object of the game

Your objective is to score as many victory points as you can. The total number of victory points you earn will determine how successful you are. In solo and cooperative games you compare these points to other games you played. In competitive play you measure the total number of victory points against each other. Victory points can be earned through quests, main quests, events, possession of lands, ownership of settlements, special items, characters, allies and more.


There are three difficulty levels which are called adventure, normal and brutal. It is recommended that you play your first game on adventure level. This is the easiest level in which your Viking does not die after being defeated, but is captured and released the following turn.


You can play Vikja also competitively which has a number of variants. You can play against each other and compete for victory points with heroes. You can also play a villain against a party of heroes. In that case victory conditions are slightly different and depend on the number of turns and the survival of your villain. Playing multiple villains or historic characters can also be fun but makes the game more complex overall. All in all Vikja offers plenty of possibilities to play the way you like it.


The game is played on a large tablecloth map and represents the northern half of Europe together with southern Greenland and Newfoundland. On the map many locations exist which can be occupied by settlements, lands or wilderness. These land locations are connected by paths for traveling. Sea travel, however, is done at the open sea. Ships can sail in any direction and use a measuring stick to determine it's path and speed.


The game is played in turns. Every turn consists of two action rounds. The first round needs to be finished before the second one starts. During a round all players can do their actions simultaneously. The list of actions consist of travel, investigate, quest, work + trade, rest + visit + trade, camp and delay. Some of these actions are grouped together into 'double' or 'triple' actions, which means that in one action you can actually do multiple ones.


The game boasts a number of important mechanics like seasons, weather, tracking, renown, infamy and power. These can make or break your success in adventuring so it's good to have a solid plan. Seasons and weather conditions change often, it is therefore wise to prepare yourself when going into the wilderness. Tracking is vital for finding the hideout of villains or criminals. Renown and infamy is important for your reputation and changes your questing options. Power tokens are a powerful tool to manipulate the outcome of dice rolls.


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