Ship cards are the most useful to travel with across the world. Ships card can provide a lot of important actions such as exploration, trade, colonization, protection of sea waters and coastal areas. They can also be used in raids or invasions. The fastest and most efficient way to move cargo and people is by ship. Ships can also support and maintain developments in isolated locations like islands or colonies. Some of which depend on imported goods to sustain themselves or be more prosperous. Many stories and quests use ships for the villains or other characters to move around.

There are 5 types of ships drakkars, skute, faering, knarr and karve. Drakkars are the longships often used in times of war and conflict. Skute and faering are the small transportation or fishing ships mainly used for passengers and small cargo. The knarr and karve are merchant ships which have smaller crews then drakkars and much larger amounts of cargo. In scenarios with colonization ships are often the most essential to carry out the main story, without these the task can be almost impossible. Some professions like the fisher start with a small skute as it is needed for their livelihood. Some scenarios provide starting ships for players as it takes some time and resources to build them. 

All possible attributes and characteristics are shown here, some characters and items can enhance their initial values. Within the 5 types of ships there are variations in size be sure to remember that well.


Vikja ship card rules overview

Item cards can be of all kinds from weapons and powerful items to horses and carts. All item cards have a supporting role to characters or ships and can be powerful boosts to their skills or attributes. A lot of items can be found in stories or quests, or be given as gifts from other characters. Also every item in the game can be stolen, but do remember about the consequences if you do.  

The type or name and can be found at the top of the card. Just a few attributes and characteristics are shown as most items have different basic sets such as armor or ranged weaponry.


Vikja item card rules overview