Quest cards are the adventures within the game. These can be drawn after interaction with a character or a follow up from an event or other trigger. Quest cards are very diverse in activity as well as difficulty. Future quest cards will certainly be added to create more diversion within the main scenario of a game. 

The title of a quest can be found at the top, attributes and characteristics can be very diverse but usually have a number of positive effects when completed and things that are needed to start it. In this example we have a village raid, if done successfully the character gains +1 status, +4 power tokens, +1 skill token, +1 extra maneuver card and 3xD20 coin.


Vikja quest card rules overview

Event cards are the unpredictable elements during the game. Drawn during an event phase or triggered by other effects, events cards are very diverse in their outcome. Any future expansions will have new events to make the adventures more flavorable. 

The type of event can be found at the top, attributes and characteristics can have an effect on livestock, game, crops, movement, patrols, guards, trade and many more.


Vikja event card rules overview

Season cards are the annual events within the Vikja world. Some years can be very harsh and will test the survival of characters and settlements. The season dynamic adds a lot to the atmosphere and brings forward a strategic element of planning ahead. 

The type of season can be found at the top, attributes effected are crops, livestock, game and lumber. However some events do stack with these values making it more unpredictable.


Vikja season card rules overview