Welcome to the scenario section of Vikja the board game. In this series of scenarios I will introduce solo, cooperative and competitive scenarios. Every scenario has a focus on particular game mechanics, which in turn give them a different play and feel. The players can determine their own (house) rules and play style leaving some of the basic game mechanics out. It is also a way to try and manage the duration of the game, keeping turns short and player options more limited. There are many possible combinations on how to play the game. Let's start with some of the scenarios available so far.



Vikja Viking princess scenario


A first scenario for solo play will be presented here. It's about a kidnapped Viking princess by an infamous northern villain. He or she has chosen a secret hideout and operates with a small but loyal fighting force. He raids the coastlines and tries to capture important people for ransom or common folk to be sold on the slave markets. Will you be able to track him down and get rid of this threat once and for all or will you fall to his sword?


Players 1 Villain 1
Difficulty 2 Henchmen 4
Type kidnap Period 810 AD

Vikja iceland colonization scenario


A first scenario for cooperative play is presented here. This scenario is all about colonization and the founding of settlements and expanding them. Retrace the steps taken by the earlier settlers and try to make this colonization better by completing it faster and adding more grandeur and glory.


Players 2-7 Villain (1)
Difficulty 4 Settlements 8
Type colonization Period 874 AD

Vikja chieftain rule scenario


A first scenario for competitive play is explained here. This scenario is about several Viking chieftains and their rule over their dominions. At the start every chieftain is in control of a settlement, a group of warriors and assets. The chieftains can conquer neighboring lands, expand their settlements, raise small armies, build fleets, colonize lands and invade other provinces to gain wealth, prestige and power. Will you be victorious over the battlefield, or will you succumb to the forces of your enemies?


Players 2-7 Hostile rulers 2-5
Difficulty 6 Roaming villains 1-4
Type rule Period 890 AD