Vikja chieftain rule scenario


A first scenario for competitive play is explained here. This scenario is about several Viking chieftains and their rule over their dominions. At the start every chieftain is in control of a settlement, a group of warriors and assets. The chieftains can conquer neighboring lands, expand their settlements, raise small armies, build fleets, colonize lands and invade other provinces to gain wealth, prestige and power. Will you be victorious over the battlefield, or will you succumb to the forces of your enemies?


Players 2-7 Hostile rulers 2-5
Difficulty 6 Roaming villains 1-4
Type rule Period 890 AD

The story

The chieftain Haddur sat on his throne in the great hall, with one of his advisers beside him. Two guards were posted next to the entrance and a number of thralls were preparing a small banquet around the central fireplace. The story of the adviser was interrupted by a knock at the door, one of the guards opened and looked at the visitor. 'Who are you?', said the guard. 'Tyvr, and I have come to speak to Haddur our chieftain', said the man. 'Ah yes', he is expecting you, any good news from the front?', said the guard. 'Certainly, we have managed to burn down a few enemy ships during the night, their fleet has taken a loss'. The guard smiled and said,'Very nice well done.'


Tyvr walked passed the banquet and stopped to take a small piece of bread, then he continued to the chieftain. The adviser and Haddur followed his movements, they had set in motion a plan last night and were eagerly awaiting news on the outcome of it. 'Speak Tyvr', said the chieftain,'What news do you have?' Tyvr sat down,'Your plan worked like a charm, we burned down two drakkars just before midnight.' 'Once the town was busy trying to put out the fires, we sneaked into the great hall and stole some personal goods, we even managed to take his beloved bearskin.' Tyvr pulled out his bag a bearskin and a decorative shield with dragonhead symbol. 'Excellent', said Haddur smiling,'They will remember that day for a few weeks.' 'We have more',said Tyvr smiling,'We stumbled onto one of his daughters while looting.' 'You brought her with you?', said Haddur. 'Indeed we did', said Tyvr and he whistled towards the door. There was a knock soon after and two warriors appeared, one of them carrying the girl on his back. Haddur stood up and walked towards the warriors,'Hahaha, that will surely teach him to stay off our lands.'


Scenario setup

  1. Determine the play area choose Norway as the starting region
  2. Determine which provinces the chieftains are allowed to pick their first settlement from
  3. Every chieftain picks a settlement of the same size
  4. Every chieftain picks a warband of 20 huskarls
  5. Every chieftain picks 2 drakkar ships to start with


Hide and Seek

The hide and seek mechanic is essential in competitive play. Characters that can travel about gaining information, do sabotage, burn ships or kill other characters are very important to gain victory. Characters with a high skill in hiding or seeking or both are more likely to survive against undercover enemy activities during wartime. Not all characters need those undercover skills, huskarls, karls and other fighting profesions should have enough capabilities to engage anyone in combat or organize search parties to try and uncover spying troops. Nevertheless the game of hide and seek, or in other words espionage and counter-espionage, is an important part of competitive play.



The conquest of other lands can be dangerous as well as lucrative. If an army is beaten more settlements will be under your control, but also more territory needs to be defended, which makes conquest a two edged sword. On the other hand peaceful conquest by colonization can also be important, but here transports need to be protected from raiding ships. In some cases expeditions can turn out to be disastrous if your fleet is not up to the task. Once hamlets are established these need protection from invaders too. You need to balance out all advantages and disadvantages of different strategies, in which diplomacy will play a key role.


Victory conditions

The chieftain rule victory conditions are not so different from the basic rules. The player with the most victory points wins. How, where and when to obtain them depends on the chosen strategy. There are many ways to victory, table diplomacy, and using the right characters for the right job are essential to make it to the top of the victory table.

Every settlement will gain a certain amount of victory points, completing quests, gaining assets or troops will all gain points. The most points can be gained by destroying non-player rulers and conquering large towns, forts, whole provinces or even regions. A victory reference table is presented below.


Hamlet 3 points for each hamlet
Village 8 points for each village
Town 20 points for each town
Large town 40 points
Fort 25 points
Tower 10 points
Province 80 points
Region 200 points
Villain slain / captured 10 points
Enemy ruler slain / captured 50 points
Side quests 5+ points per quest
Powerful item gained 2+ points per item
Ships owned 2+ per ship
Warbands controlled 2+ per warband
Titles gained 4+ per title