Vikja iceland colonization scenario


A first scenario for cooperative play is presented here. This scenario is all about colonization and the founding of settlements and expanding them. Retrace the steps taken by the earlier settlers and try to make this colonization better by completing it faster and adding more grandeur and glory.


Players 2-7 Villain (1)
Difficulty 4 Settlements 8
Type colonization Period 874 AD

The story

The ship traveled slowly during the night, some of the sheep were being restless after so many days on board. 'How much further?', said little Kaja,'How long before we reach the shore?' 'Tomorrow, tomorrow we will arrive', said Runar her father,'And then we will build a new home.' 'Will the sheep get a new home too?', said Kaja. 'Yes',said Runar,'As soon as we have finished our own.' Kaja smiled and went back to sleep, patting one of the sheep along the way.


The next morning the ship was close to the shore overlooking a small bay. Within half an hour the ship landed and then all the men and women started unloading, chests and wooden poles first. 'We need to scout the area', said Runar. Two men prepared themselves for a short hike and went off. After half an hour one of the men returned and said,'The spot we discovered last year looks the same, plenty of shelter and some lush grazing land around it'. 'Excellent',said Runar let's start with the first home, we need to have a good place to rest after the first day. 'Can I take the sheep with me? I will return after they have had a good meal of grass', said Kaja. 'Of course, but do not go too far', said her father. 'I won't', said Kaja.


Scenario setup

  1. Choose a region in Denmark for the starting purposes
  2. Greenland and Iceland regions start uninhabited
  3. Set non-Denmark regions on hostile or non-friendly
  4. Include or exclude other regions for shorter or longer games
  5. Optional; add a villain to the Iceland region



The exploration of Iceland is a major contributor to a victory in this scenario. Choosing characters with the right skills and getting items or other things to enhance exploration will surely speed up the colonization process. With that said the early game will be a bit easier, and perhaps the mid and end game will be more difficult as the exploration skill is less useful in the later stages. The players decide from the start which way to go by choosing the characters and their skills carefully.

The exploration mechanism is used in the basic game as well in other scenarios. The procedure is straightforward. Every region, province, settlement or other location has a number of exploration points. This number needs to be met or exceeded by dice throws which can be done every turn. The higher the skills in exploration the faster an area or location is explored. Weather conditions can have an influence on these things so it's best to pick a good season to start exploring.



In colonization the transport of goods and materials is essential to found new settlements or expand existing ones. Ship transport has to be the most important of all, without it the colonization fails beforehand. The first thing that needs to be done is set up a fleet for transportation. Transport across land by carts can also be important when resources need to get to a harbor.

At some point some settlements can sustain themselves or have some extra production of resources. When this happens things start to get better and the focus of goods can go to other areas. The players can start with expanding existing settlements and perhaps begin thinking about protecting the lands against coastal raiders. Transport will be the key to victory in a colonization scenario even in the late stages as most resources and quality items need to be brought from the developed lands.


Victory conditions

The colonization of Iceland has a fairly simple set of victory conditions. The whole of Iceland needs to have settlements and you get awarded 50 victory points. Additionally the players get 3 points for each hamlet founded, 8 points for each village, 20 points for each town and 40 for a large town. Just like in the basic game you can also score points by doing other things such as complete side quests, gain powerful items, control warbands, own ships or titles. As a bonus you get extra points when you finish the colonization more quickly, the less turns you have spent the more points you get. However the players can decide when the colonization has ended it is allowed to add a few turns to upgrade some of the settlements to get even more points. A reference table for victory points can be seen below.


Hamlet 3 points for each hamlet
Village 8 points for each village
Town 20 points for each town
Large town 40 points (only one can be created)
Side quests 5+ points per quest
Powerful item gained 2+ points per item
Ships owned 2+ per ship
Warbands controlled 2+ per warband
Titles gained 4+ per title
Number of turns = x 40 – x = victory points