Vikja Viking princess scenario


A first scenario for solo play will be presented here. It's about a kidnapped Viking princess by an infamous northern villain. He or she has chosen a secret hideout and operates with a small but loyal fighting force. He raids the coastlines and tries to capture important people for ransom or common folk to be sold on the slave markets. Will you be able to track him down and get rid of this threat once and for all or will you fall to his sword?


Players 1 Villain 1
Difficulty 2 Henchmen 4
Type kidnap Period 810 AD

The story

During the night a handful of Viking warriors got over the palisade and into the fort. Making their way up the stairs in the tower they ran into the guard who just went for a drink. They knocked him to the ground and walked straight to the small door behind him. 'This is the room of the princess', said one of them. 'We need to grab the princess quickly and get out'. Within half an hour the warriors were outside the fort palisade again, one of them was carrying the princess on his back. On the rope from which they came a message was attached asking for a ransom. Vigilantly they went back to their small boat making sure they were not being seen.


The captain of the drakar was looking ahead into the darkness across the water. He was eagerly awaiting the return of his men from the fort. A boat approached and one of his men climbed back on board, with the princess safely wrapped in a cloth. The captain approached the man, saw the wrapped cloth and took it. He walked to the center of his ship and put down the cloth. Slowly he uncovered the top of the cloth and looked at the princess. 'Where am I', she said,'And who are you?' The captain smiled and said 'Good work men, good work'.


Scenario setup

  1. Randomly pick a villain or choose one from the villain deck
  2. Pick a Viking princess from the story characters or other characters
  3. Determine the play area choose Denmark for the starting fort region
  4. Include or exclude other regions for longer or shorter games
  5. Include the Iceland and / or Greenland region for relatively longer and perhaps more atmospheric games



In this scenario tracking the princess back to the hideout is the key to victory. The tracking mechanism will be frequently used in different quests and scenarios. It's all about finding clues and following them to the next destination. Searching and tracking are essential skills to keep your story on track, not all efforts result in clues but most can be found when you seek them out.



The clue system is somewhat advanced, many clues can be gathered from plain search efforts at the last location. There are also other sources like quests or dealings with story (non player) characters that can give you some clues. However there are some twists in the clue system, sometimes a bad clue is picked up, you do not know which one but it will have an influence on your story and traveling.


Victory conditions

The princess has been taken to the villain's hideout. A trail of clues has been left behind by the warriors who captured her. The number of victory points depends on how successful your venture was to retrieve the princess. If you manage to kill or capture the villain you get 10 extra points, if you recapture the princess unharmed you get 20 victory points. You get 4 points for every henchman killed or captured. Every side quest completed will get you extra points as is designated. Powerful items, warbands, ships or goods will all add to the total of victory points. And last but not least is the time factor, the lower the number of turns the more victory points you get. Below is a small victory point table for reference.


Princes unharmed / harmed 20 / 15 points
Villain slain / captured 10 points
Henchmen slain / captured 4 points
Side quests 5+ points per quest
Powerful item gained 2+ points per item
Ships owned 2+ per ship
Warbands controlled 2+ per warband
Titles gained 4+ per title
Number of turns = x 20 – x = victory points