Vikja transports horse


The horse in the Viking age was a large mammal that belonged to the subspecies Equus ferus caballus. The weight of the horse lied between 330 and 450 kilograms and the height could range between 145-165 centimeters. Most horses had an average lifespan of 20-30 years, but this could be shorthened by war, famine and disease.


The horse in the northern lands was somewhat smaller, stronger and sturdier then horses in other parts of the world. This was probably due to the harsh climate, natural selection and the selective breeding people used. The horses were known to have had over 100 different names for color variations. Some had developed a double coat for extra insulation in cold temperatures. A typical speed for horse and rider on a long trip would be around 6 - 8 km per hour. Much greater speed was possible for shorter distances. During the winter months horses were given spikes on their hoofs to increase the grip when pulling sledges or carts . 


There was a distinction in the animals depending on the type of need. You can have pack animals to transport goods, draft animals to pull carts or for use in the field like the plough. Ride animals for transporting people and so forth. Sometimes horses were bred for their favored coat colors only. Most of the time horses were not ridden until they were 4 years old. Their most productive years were between 8 and 18 years, although they retained their strength and stamina well into their twenties.


The earliest Norse people venerated the horse as a symbol of fertility, white horses were often sacrificed at feasts and ceremonies. Horses played a significant part in Norse mythology, and several played major roles in myths. Sleipnir, owned by the god Odin, and Skalm are horses known for their involvement in sagas and stories.




In the game the horse can be used for traveling and transport. They need 2 food each month and have a traveling range of 105-140 km (= 3-4 connected dots) per turn on land. When used in front of a small cart with half full cargo they can travel 35-70 km (= 1-2 connected dots), a full cart only 35 km (= 1 dot).


Vikja attributes icons crops 2 food
Vikja attributes icons value 12 value
Vikja attributes icons life 35 life
Vikja attributes icons wounds 6 wounds
Vikja attributes icons movement 10 movement
Vikja attributes icons endurance 40 endurance