Vikja transports karve

Karve attributes
Vikja attributes icons crew 8-16 crew
Vikja attributes icons value 50 value
Vikja attributes icons cargo 50 cargo
Vikja attributes icons hull 100 hull
Vikja attributes icons structure 20 structure
Vikja attributes icons movement 8 maneuverability
Vikja attributes icons endurance 16 sail speed
Vikja attributes icons row speed 4-8 row speed


The Karve were a small type of Viking longship, with a broad hull somewhat similar to the knarr. They were used for coastal passages in war and ordinary transport, carrying people, cargo or livestock. Because they were able to navigate in very shallow water, they were also used for coasting. Karves had broad beams of approximately 5.2 m. 


Sources: Wikipedia: Viking ships


A table for sea traveling is presented below. It takes into account the number and type of crew members, the time of day and the weather conditions. The travel distance is mostly 1, 2 or 7 nodes depending on the amount of cargo. 



Vesselcrewcargodistance per day (km)nodes (max)
karve 8-16 50  160 1-8



type of effecthalf fullfullheavy rain / snowheavy storm / blizzarddusknight
cargo effects -1 nodes -2 nodes        
weather effects     -2 nodes -3 nodes    
time of day effects          -1 nodes -2 nodes