Vikja transports skeid

Skeid attributes
Vikja attributes icons crew 16-32 crew
Vikja attributes icons value 270 value
Vikja attributes icons cargo 30 cargo
Vikja attributes icons hull 60 hull
Vikja attributes icons structure 12 structure
Vikja attributes icons movement 10 maneuverability
Vikja attributes icons endurance 14 sail speed
Vikja attributes icons row speed 14-26 row speed


The Skeid class longship was a large Viking warship much larger than the snekkja. The Skeid had a size of up to 30 metres in length, a width of 3.5m, and a draught of 0.8 m. The skeid had both sales and oars, with up to 30 pairs of oars to power it. As essentially the mid sized longship, the skeid was a sizeable ocean vessel. It could carry a crew of around 70 Vikings. The skeid was big enough to lead a raid to far off lands, as it was fully seaworthy and imposing.




A table for sea traveling is presented below. It takes into account the number and type of crew members, the time of day and the weather conditions. The travel distance is mostly 1, 2 or 7 nodes depending on the amount of cargo. 



Vesselcrewcargodistance per day (km)nodes (max)
skeid 16-32 30  140 1-7



type of effecthalf fullfullheavy rain / snowheavy storm / blizzarddusknight
cargo effects -1 nodes -2 nodes        
weather effects     -2 nodes -3 nodes    
time of day effects          -1 nodes -2 nodes